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St-Hyacinthe Qu/bec
Self imployed auto mechanic
Interests: Cars, hi-fi audio visual, biking,
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This is a situation I have been enduring for very close to 2yrs now. I have repeatedly tried to call my ex-wife to speak with my son, to no avail, except for once when I was allowed to speak with him briefly in feb 09 at which point the call was abruptly terminated in mid sentence from her end. I have sent two registered mail letters imploring her to comply and one to her parents, also registered mail. My mother, my sons granny, has tried the same to no avail also. Registered mail and and calls to her family have given no results. I always include my two numbers and e-mail address and home address in all messages and letters. I have contacted a lawyer who is more than willing to take the case on as he states she is "giving me the run-around". My problem here is I simply cannot fathom why she is doing this to my son who has clearly stated he wants to see me and misses me. I fear that by now he is being programmed past the point of no return to a suitable relationship with me as I have had no contact in the past year and 10 months. I am at the end of my rope with this situation and am scared that if I continue to try to talk to my son I will have charges put against me for harassment. I stop phoning months ago and the last letter stated my desire for mediation. No response so I am now at the mercy of a justice system that I feel is biased. I am very fearful for the future of my relationship with my son and his future as well by not having me in his life as a role model. I am a loving father who has had his problems like anyone else but seems to be paying a high price for having left my ex-wife. What else can I do in this situation that I haven't already done. That for letting me get some of this off my chest. A father who misses his son dearly.
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Aug 1, 2010