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Michael, while I clearly agree with most of what you said (enterprise organizations are based on traditional flows, processes, structures, rules, authority, etc), I still believe Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business carry a deeper and broader transformational message that is not so far from communities. If you reread Thomas Malone's "Future of Work" book (2004) or Gary Hamel's "Future of Management" or John Hagel's "The Power of Pull", you see a new paradigm evolving and growing inside corporations that yes, is able to better engage employees, customers, suppliers, partners but towards a very clear destination: making a more efficient, reactive, innovative, at the end profitable business. While reading these books, I couldn't avoid thinking we are moving from a tyranny to a democracy to an open market. In other terms we are moving from command and control to a more diffuse involvement and responsibility of every employee in decision making and ultimately in the future of the business. I agree, this is not talking about online communities as we know them on the web, but it is still a community-based concept of the organization enabled by embedding new tools and new management, leadership, incentivation, engagement approaches into the organization core. So companies could look much more like communities, if you look at it from the right perspective :)
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Feb 19, 2011