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This is solid. Love the way you break it down. One thing not covered which I think is interesting to note is - tonality. When the comedy writers get a hold of a fine dining establishment or a spa or "insert high end brand here", sometimes the tone shift is a bit discordant. "Come get your coffee rubbed tenderloin on boyeee!" I get the idea that Grouponing is fun, so that becomes the prevailing / de facto tone. I just don't think it works for everyone. Beyond creating a coupon culture I think established brands should be concerned with the tone control they empower Groupon with. It kind of cheapens them IMO. This speaks to having different group buying services for different types of brands. In the meantime I'm getting a good chuckle from the dissonance of Onion style copy being laid over EVERYTHING. Full disclosure - I buy Groupon's about once every two months.
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Oct 19, 2010