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Mar 15, 2010
@Iris - Ooops... I was so excited about the post that I forgot to complete my sentence... ;-) Cheers, A.
@Mike - the Treo Pro and Palm Pre have a somewhat different target audience. While the Pro is clearly for the corporate/business mobile professional the Pre on the other hand is much more of a consumer/prosumer device not unlike the iPhone. Although the Pre will clearly deliver some rather cool innovations there is no doubt that I have been _extremely_ pleased with my Treo Pro experience. @cook - no problem at all moving all your data to the Treo Pro (particularly if like me you're using Outlook). @neo - before using the Treo Pro, like you, I also felt that Windows Mobile was (to put it mildly) no quite friendly. However, my experience with the Treo Pro over the last couple of months has clearly demonstrated that the combination of superb hardware along with a couple of essential third-party applications delivers a rather stunning experience. Cheers, A.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2009 on Sprint Treo Pro Release Date at Treonauts