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Charles F's pants
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Wow if anyone is a bitch on here it's you Jipper. Your posts hurt my eyes and the fact that you're using "cawksuker" as an insult is pretty fucking idiotic as well. Like hooray, not only are you rude and dumb, but you're implying that being gay is a bad thing? Cheers for being a homophobic asshole (Y).
l m a o who is gryffindor student on the forum?
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2010 on No title at Metric
trippy. I was just going to say "Oh, so you're Wyder on the Metric forum!" But apparently not.. Either it's the same person, or 'I'd rather be metric' is just saying that when they found out on the forum :P
telll us
Don't worry, it's not my official birthday until tomorrow! Woo turning 17!! But yeah we ALL HAVE TO HAVE A METRIC CAKE at some point. The day I win the lottery I will get a cake to look like Emily Haines... And you will all come and Metric will come play and it will be a dream come true :P
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Megan added a photo at Metric
oomnomnomnomnomoMNOMNOM i had the best birthday party ever.... i had a metric icecream cake! life doesn't get much better than this
Apr 25, 2010
uhh i feel like the third one is from too little too late, i may be way off agree with kara for #2 number one... errgh i don't know
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gasp! oh my god! she's wearing the boozers are for losers shirt! you're so lucky! XD
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on No title at Metric
lmao XD oh gee. well i'll be surprised if they throw it in the setlist.. they'll probably keep it the same as they have for these past dates they've played in the past few weeks. we can always hope though ! (although i'll be majorly jealous if they play it for you guys and they didn't play it for me ! D: )
Ssssssooooo fantastic. I love everything about the Sick Muse music video and all the photos that have popped up that were taken during it.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on No title at Metric
both feet **
Wow I was just going to shout those lines but Joey did it for me!!! This song is WICKED live. I had an obsession with it a few years ago and didn't stop listening to it for weeks... the lyrics, the melodies, EVERYTHING about it is AMAZING. I was so sad to see it dropped from the set-list from the fall tour to this spring tour. Emily doing her whole jumping thing while she plays the crazy synth-part with both fit is always so AMAZING BAGSHGHFG. On the album version it sounds like she's singing the synth part she plays live, because it sounds breathy, but she's never sang it live. I wish she did. Here's an older version that I almost love as much as I love the album verison. Those alternate lyrics, ".. of course they do... but they're ugly, and soon you'll be UGLY TOOO!" it sounds like emily's voice is a creepy halloween voice when she sings 'ugly too' in that video. They also played it at the VMA's in '09 and there's an awesome bootleg of it if you've heard it, and at the end of Handshakes she sings, "You wanna get in, you gonna get out... but we don't... 'cause we kiss assssssssssss...... we kisssss ASSSSS" it's so great :D XD WHOAOOAWOHWHOAOAA. new song featuring Emily's vocals on "Sentimental X's" from the new BSS record, Forgiveness Rock Record! Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2010 at Metric
How do you know this?
Megan shared a video on YouTube at Metric
Apr 8, 2010
Ooooh I love that picture, I wish I could get a copy of that whole paper! :P
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on No title at Metric
I really liked it. :) It made me a bit sick from all the running but it's okay hahaha! Emily truly is the glamster. Aaaaand the snow was awesome. Those close-ups..... oh baby!
it totally stopped. ariel your powers worked.
OH man guys!! The Peterborough show was so great ! :) Emily was amazing and her dress was to die for and Jimmy gives uncomfortable amounts of eye contact but it's okay, it's great... and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Pictures from last... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2010 at Metric
Posted Apr 6, 2010 at Metric
I LOVE THIS SONG TO BITS. on the album, live, ANWYEHRE AHHH it's amazing. just. amazing. the lyrics, the song, the ambience of it, oh it's so beautiful.
I'm doing this for the Petrborough show! WHOOO!!! Anyways, yes people, DO NOT BUY SEATS FOR A METRIC SHOW. I speak from experience. :( It was still a fantastic show, but it's just nowhere NEAR the same as standing up and being close to the band. Or at least moving around. It'd be way more worth it to skip a Metric show if you could only get seated tickets and wait for them to come around again so you can get general admission or something. Unless you have money coming out your butt and you don't care either way :P Annnnyways, I'm going UBER EARLY for the peterborough show, which I've never really been able to do before for the past Metric concerts I've been to. I AM DYING TO GET FRONT ROW SPOTS. I /need/ Front Row spots. I've been close before but not close enough. I'll be leaving around 12 for an hour or so bus ride to Peterborough from Oshaawaaa and the doors open at 7, so I hope that a)I am the first or second one there, b) my stomach will be all "hey i don't need food today!" so i don't lose my spot in line, and c) I don't have to go to the washroom for 6 hours for the same reasons. I think I'm going to bring a colouring book to amuse myself before the show, AND hopefully there will be happy nice people to talk to during those six hours :P
i don't even have an answer for this question but you guys are the funniest of life. my vote is for joey's restaurant XD they've struck again.. this time with HIA.. probably the only other Metric song they know. Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2010 at Metric