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I agree with you Tom. I think there will be more than one winner precisely for the personalized reason you gave where the answers you're looking for aren't necessarily going to come from crowdsourcing or any other form of it. Adam -- as you mentioned, there are probably startups in this space that have yet to hit the mainstream as well. --> Enter Viewpointr (, a way to reach specific types of people through friends. The problem we are solving is that it's hard to get insight from specific people outside of your network. We rely on our friends for help, but, often times, we don't know which friends can help. By making requests to friends and having your friends point your request to the best people who can help, Viewpointr allows you to see the types of people your friends can put you in touch with. Now, it's different from Aardvark in that (1) friends actually determine the best person to answer. So, the requests we've seen are not using search related or crowdsourced type questions. Users want a particular type of person to answer. (2) Greater incentive to answer b/c it's pointed by your friend; and (3) areas of expertise are based on precedence of capturing connections made through friends. The general difference from other competitors like Quora, Fluther, Yahoo Answers, and even LinkedIn Answers is that it's (1) personalized requests through friends-of-friends; (2) Quality is based on strength of relationships; and (3) allows you to specify the type of person you want to answer. Here's a preview of it. We're quite early on, however, feel free to give it a try -- Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Andre
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Feb 10, 2010
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