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ActiveStrategy, Inc. provides performance management software, consulting, and training to enable strategy execution and better business results.
Interests: dashboards, performance management, balanced scorecard, strategic planning, performance improvement, management consulting, strategy execution, baldrige, scorecard software, strategic deployment, scorecard cascading, kpi management
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Nurse leader rounding programs are critical to driving and sustaining hourly rounding programs, but communication and documentation issues can hinder results. A comprehensive automated rounding solution can help. Continue reading
Hourly rounding is a proven approach to improving patient care outcomes, but it's a challenge for some hospitals to implement. This article makes the case for hourly rounding. Continue reading
How do you get your CEO bought-in to performance excellence methodologies? By making it all about what the CEO cares about. Here's how to do that. Continue reading
Most organizations--even those that have a pretty well-defined process for reporting and discussing performance--tend to use an ad-hoc "product" for these purposes (typically involving varying combinations of spreadsheets, reports from software packages, and department-specific PowerPoint decks). I've found that this wild and loose approach to presenting performance leads most organizations to think they are doing better than they actually are (especially if under-performing areas happen to be led by great presenters). Continue reading
Because of how critical initiatives and actions are to driving improved business results, I want to share some insights into some of the ways our clients are having particular success using ActiveStrategy Enterprise performance management software to manage them. Continue reading
Creating internal organizational alignment is one of the key benefits of adopting the Balanced Scorecard. Less appreciated is the power of the Scorecard strategy management approach when it comes to driving alignment and results across two separate, but strategically related, organizations. Continue reading
This post discusses the specific, actionable outputs you should aim to have at the end of your strategic planning sessions, as well as some ideas on generating them. Continue reading
The only way to do more with less is to focus everyone--from the leadership team to the front-line staff--on achieving the same strategic goals, and to hold each person accountable for his/her share of the results. But how? Continue reading
This article shares some reasons you might want to use an outside facilitator for your next strategic planning session and what qualities you should look for if you decide to bring in such a person. Continue reading
I see a lot of work being done within hospital departments aimed at improving bottom lines. I see teams working on IT projects and process improvement and lots and lots of measurement. The problem is, these efforts are creating a lot of busy work, but they are not translating into quick and sustainable financial results. Here are four things I suggest you put in place to capture--and sustain--the ROI you're looking for. Continue reading
Learn how senior leaders at all types of organizations are successfully applying the same principles discussed on The Glue by attending ActiveStrategy's 2011 Annual Conference.This networking-intensive conference will take place May 2-5 at the Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing on Philadelphia's waterfront. Continue reading
Any organization hoping to develop a solid, ready-to-execute strategic plan absolutely must have these four things: The right strategic planning process The right tools & techniques that support the process The right person to guide the organization through the preparation steps as well as the actual planning session The right planning outputs to deploy to the organization and to execute In my first post in this series, De-mystifying Strategic Planning, Part 1, I described the overall strategic planning process (#1 above), including how to prepare for and develop a strategic plan, as well the other key outputs of a strategic planning session. This time I'll talk a bit about a couple key tools and techniques that I find are most successful in supporting the process. As a quick review from Part 1, the actual planning process is comprised of the following components: A series of inputs to the planning process... Continue reading
Clearly, a solid strategic plan must be at the heart of any strategy execution or performance excellence effort, but I find that people are often confused or even intimidated by the strategic planning process, so in this post, I thought I'd take a step back and go over some fundamentals to help those of you who feel this way. Continue reading
On my long flight back from the recent Gartner BI Summit in London, I realized that Strategy Management is more like a regular exercise regime than it is like a broken leg. Make sense? If not, stay with me for a few minutes and I'll explain. Gartner views Strategy Management (which we at The Glue often refer to as Strategy Execution or Performance Management) as one of the five components of Corporate Performance Management (CPM). During a presentation by one analyst, I noticed that the overall cost, time to implement, and return on investment was more attractive for Strategy Management than it is for the other components of CPM. So you would think that companies all over are rushing to implement Strategy Management, especially when research shows that managing with leading measures brings huge financial gains (one HBR article found that 23% of companies that manage with leading indicators did... Continue reading
How will renewed GPRA legislation, coupled with ever-increasing public demands for better outcomes and greater transparency, affect your agency's current performance management efforts? Find out in a free webinar coming up this Wednesday. Continue reading
This time I'd like to tackle a question that I hear all the time. I think this is probably the #1 most confusing aspect about Scorecards for people I work with: "Is the Balanced Scorecard strategic or tactical?" Continue reading
As a practitioner who has been helping organizations around the country implement the Balanced Scorecard performance management framework for years, I thought I'd share some of my insights from my time "on the road," where I've had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't at so many organizations. I hope some of my insights help you as you implement the framework at your organization. This time, I'll talk about about how to keep your scorecard from getting completely derailed by the implementation process that's required for the framework. Paradoxically, one of the greatest strengths of the Balanced Scorecard is also its achilles heel. It has too many value propositions (communication, visibility, prioritization, accountability, etc.) and what often gets lost in all these promised benefits is the one thing that can protect a scorecard effort from failure: RESULTS. Think of this: to get a fully-functioning scorecard performance management framework... Continue reading
On Tuesday, November 2nd Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (TJUH) will present a webinar that will provide tremendous insights for any organization looking to achieve better alignment between strategic plans, operational activities, and improved outcomes. Continue reading
The Baldrige National Quality Program is being renamed to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. I think this is a great move. Here's why. Continue reading
Documenting, managing, and sharing knowledge is a critical part of a successful, sustainable performance excellence approach. How do you use performance measurement to ensure that Knowledge Management efforts are actually working? Continue reading
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Oct 14, 2010
In this final post in my 3-part series on Risk Management, I'll talk about how to take what you identify as potential strategy-impacting risks and integrate them into your Balanced Scorecard management framework. Continue reading
In my previous post, I discussed why it's critical to consider potential risks when thinking about and managing overall strategy and performance (and suggested that the Balanced Scorecard management framework can be a helpful tool to manage strategic risk). In this second post in the series, I'll talk about risk mitigation. Continue reading
Risk management is becoming an ever-more critical part of today's business environment. Can the Balanced Scorecard performance management framework help your organization manage strategic risk? This intro article in a series explains why it is possible and how to start. Continue reading
In my most recent post on this topic, I introduced seven different "types" of executives that can derail your performance management and breakthrough improvement efforts. In this post, I'm providing specific tips on how to deal with each type. Continue reading