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Mar 15, 2010
Bigger question: If he is able to secure the deal and some first team playing time, what does that say about Adu and his future? All I can say is that I hope he can find his way and some playing time in Greece.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2010 on Clint Dempsey's wonder goal at Soccer By Ives
Couldn't agree more on the unfortunate side-effect of anonymous speech on the Internet...everyone acts like a-holes. And, yes, John Sweeny was being a bit of a douche with his mocking tone. However, since I told him he was wrong on tuesday, I felt I should probably admit he was right yesterday.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2009 on Donovan pens new MLS contract at Soccer By Ives
Give John Sweeny credit, where it is due. He made the right call yesterday. I'm not sure I saw anything 'slanderous' in there, plus since it was written and not spoken it would have been "libelous" anyway...but that is another matter. Hopefully, we were not completely wrong however, and the speculation above is right. This is more about making sure that MLS has some leverage post WC (or even preWC) to get a decent transfer fee for LD and it gave LD a clear way out that MLS couldn't squander.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Donovan pens new MLS contract at Soccer By Ives
Why I think you're wrong wrong (IMHO), John Sweeny: I don't see how Landon would even consider a long term deal with the Galaxy at this point. He's no longer the petulant little punk who flamed out at Leverkusen. If nothing else, the Beckham experiment and his recent separation/divorce seems to have forced him to grow up a lot and come to grips with what he wants out of life/career. Seeing him on the pitch and in interviews this year, he is clearly taking everything more seriously - and he's proven everything he can here in the States. Someone who is as confident in his abilities as Landon now is, simply cannot settle for being the big fish in the small pond anymore. Outside the US, he gets little to no respect. Landon knows it, and he's got way too much pride and confidence right now to not take his shot at proving he's not just the best American field player in the world, but one of the greatest players in the world, period. And, no matter how well the US does in the WC, he will never be universally considered "world class" until he proves it in one of the world's big leagues.
A master clinic in piss poor goaltending.
Slightly off topic, but has anyone else seen this? I had no idea the legend of Brian McBride is so large @ Fulham, enough to immortalize an American player with his own restaurant.
It appears that Spain (or at least Madrid) will need to choose between futbol and Catholicism too. Apparently, the Vatican also believes that the Real Madrid's efforts to create the world's best futbol/football/soccer club is an affront to the Church and humanity.
I think all this "world class" defender debate is a waste of time. He's a very good player and has earned to right to play on one of the world's top stages. Either he will prove that he deserves to stay or he will not. My bet is that the experience ensures that he continues growing as a player and he ultimately proves that he belongs. The REAL debate is whether anyone can stomach buying a Gooch AC MIlan jersey knowing that all the profit will be going to that scumbag Berlusconi.
Thanks for the comment, Davis. I think you're absolutely right. TiVo needs the ability stop EchoStar's infringement so customers can see the immense value they created through their research and development.