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Hi, I have found that having a layer of gravel in the bottom of the hole can help with drainage.and just having the concrete around the sides chamfering away from the posts will water not sitting against the posts . I personally dont like timber posts and prefer concrete ones.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2010 on How to concrete in a fence post at Landscape Juice
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Hi, This is a really good article! I agree the importance of selecting a good contractor to carry out your landscaping works and would strongly agree selecting a firm registered with BALI or APL. I sorry to hear the problems that Carolyn Ryan are facing. With an APL member you have a customer charter that all complaints are dealt with. With APL members they are trustmark accredited which give you a warrenty for the works which covers you for your deposit and works for a total of 6 years, so say if the company took a deposit off you and went bust the trustmark will cover you and will either give you your money back or arrange for another APL member to carry out the works for the price quoted. I think a no brainer!! I am a Landscaper and a registered member of the APL and have found clients are a lot more at ease with the works as they know that we have been vetted and on site inspected and know that we are not 'cowboys' but are fully qualified knowledgable landscapers. I like to ensure that we plan the jobs so that we are on site for the duration of the project and not leaving time and time again (unlike Carolyns landscaper) I hope this has given a bit of reassurance for people in selecting a professional landscaper. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any extra info or visit my website which has the links for the APL and trustmark at
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Oct 4, 2010