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Adam Barker
United Kingdom
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O God, we beseech Thee: "Melt the clouds of sin and sadness, drive the dark of doubt away." Rod of Jesse, come; "Free thine own from Satan's tyranny; From depths of hell they people save, And give them victory o'er the grave." For "With the woes of sin and strife... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2012 at >[:]-_-[:]<
A recent post of mine at “Il mio nome é _____, e questa é la mia storia.” Besides maybe “cut!”, “speed!”, and “action!”, this is without a doubt the phrase I heard most during our trip to Italy in January. It’s a simple phrase really, translating in English to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2012 at >[:]-_-[:]<
This family is one several thousand Roma families in Albania. The Roma people are gypsy foreigners who immigrated to Albania from Asia over 500 years ago. As a whole they are severely undereducated and unskilled, resulting in sky-high levels of unemployment and extrordinarily poor living conditions. This particular family has... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
On Setember 27th, 2012, the young boy in the middle of this picture, who we will call Peter, will celebrate his 11th birthday. Well, maybe celebrate isn't the right word. On his 11th birthday, Peter will wake up knowing that he will never again leave the doors of his house.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
What is life? Christians fight passionately for life. We give our money, time and prayers to it's defense. We use thousands of words writing comments, notes and blog posts in our attempts to explain the value of life, encourage the upholding of life, and establish the beginning of life. And... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
Being far from home, I'm learning every day that the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is very true. What they forget to tell you is that the absence can be quite miserable. Not to say that I'm miserable; I'm actually surprisingly content when I think about my current... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
What is adventure? I came to Europe because, amongst other things, I wanted to have an adventure. At the time my understanding of "adventure" had been formed primarily by outside influences like books and movies. In a word, the entertainment industry had indoctrinated me with the thinking that adventure must... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
There are incredible people doing incredible things all over the world. Our team spent this week in Budapest, Hungary, doing research for an upcoming project. We spent a large part of our time there with people from Palánta Mission, a Hungarian ministry dedicated to reaching the children and youth of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
I just fought an epic battle with the foulest creature I have ever come across, and I am proud to that say I rose victorious from the ashes. The events are as follows*: I enter my bedroom and set some things on my bed, after which I reach toward the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
Yesterday we spent the day at Alton Towers Amusement Park. I must first say that, although my opinion is heavily influenced by the fact that the no line took more than 30 minutes, Alton may well be a better overall park than Six Flags in Chicago. It seemed much more... Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
I'm convinced that the reason The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is so popular is that, while being three brilliant films based on three all-time great works of fiction, they give the viewer hope for something which is often hard to come by in life: serenity. Beautifully woven into... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
stole the former, not the latter. glad you have the yancey book though, i was going to tell you to read it. and don't worry, I checked and there was highlighting in counterfeit gods so I knew you had already read it. You're welcome.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2011 on Stoke-On-Trent at >[:]-_-[:]<
As you can see, our flat in England is from the outside a bit, well, humbler than our castle in Germany. But the inside is much cozier and homey. I love it, and I think our whole team does. Just to the left of this picture is the UCB Broadcasting... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
As I sit in Auschaffenburg, Germany, writing this, I think only of Samantha Suefert, without who's prompting I would not be writing at all. As she has so acutely pointed out, "Being in another country might be a good time to actually write on your blog." Thanks, Captain Obvious. I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
It's January 1, 2011. I had to work through the midnight hour, which meant no new year's eve party. It was pretty disheartening from about 11:55 - 12:05, but besides that, not as bad as I expected. I decided to come home and have a little party of my own.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2011 at >[:]-_-[:]<
"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
This is about as summery as my pictures get. Anyway, no, I haven't posted in a while. But I told you that would probably happen, so you're not allowed to be upset with me. I hesitate to say that I'll try to post at least once a week this summer,... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
This post is going to be about the Cubs. They start the regular season on Monday the 5th, and it has had me terribly excited for a while now (try since last season ended). Few of the few who read this will care, but I'm going to give my outlook... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
(So much for pictures I've taken) "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul." Psalm 23:1-2 I want to ask you a question: Has God ever literally led you beside still... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
(This picture has nothing do do with the rest of the post, but I haven't taken many lately and I told you that the pictures I post during this semester would be ones I took.) What if His people prayed? Really- what would happen if Christians everywhere began to "pray... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
From John Piper's Desiring God, page 68: We Come to Christ When We Love the Light Is not this the teaching of John 3:18-20? "He who believes in [the Son of God] is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
A little something I jotted down at work after a recent conversation with a co-worker provoked me to organize my thoughts on the most controversial justice issue of our day: abortion. Regardless of when you choose to believe that a fetus becomes 'alive' (at conception, after a certain number of... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
I have no idea what to write about. Maybe this blog thing was a bad idea. I guess I'll write about where I am in life, if I even know. Something you should know about me- my dream has always been to do play-by-play radio for the Chicago Cubs. I've... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
They say that every new beginning comes from another beginnings end. I would beg to differ, as nothing in my life has ended to bring about the beginning of this blog. At the same time, T.S. Eliot once said that "What we call the beginning is often the end." If... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2010 at >[:]-_-[:]<
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