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Yay, Meera! Way to go getting this video finished and online! Glad to see you practicing your new skills! Look forward to more... - Amy Gahran
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This is what I'll be demonstrating in the video workshop this afternoon. It's a basic skill set that works not only with YouTube and Typepad, but with any video or media-sharing tool and any blogging platform. Screencast: How to upload a video to YouTube Screencast: How to embed a video in a blog post The end result of these processes is this SEJ conference blog post which includes an embedded video. ...It's not great video. But I did it fast, and for the web it's good enough. It's got enough information and context to be engaging and findable and usable.... Continue reading
Today's lunch plenary panel of the Society of Environmental Journalists 2010 conference featured energy analyst Randy Udall (part of the politically influential and charismatic Udall family). Here, he explains how the context of the times when environmental journalism began has shaped its practice. Continue reading
On Sat. Oct. 16, 2010, I'll be presenting a session at the SEJ conference called "Build Your Own Website: Springboard for Your Media Career" ...I didn't mention this in the conference agenda, but in my mind the title for this session is really: "Do you seriously want a media career or what?" Whether you work for a newsroom or independently, these days every media professional absolutely needs a strong online presence with a clear home base of your very own (not your employer's site). Without that, your long-term media career prospects are not so good. Be prepared! To create your... Continue reading
News: It's not just for professional journalists anymore. Whether you welcome this development or not, the fact is community contributors are a growing and vital part of the news and information landscape, especially on the local and regional level. Given that: How can we all work together to create great news and information, and otherwise support and reflect our communities? On Thursday at the SEJ conference, at 2pm in the University Center Theater, I'll be leading a panel discussion on how news organizations and professional journalists can work and collaborate with citizen journalists and other kinds of community contributors. The... Continue reading
This week at the SEJ conference, I'll be helping out with the video workshop -- which is happening in two parts, on Wednesday, October 13 as well as Saturday, October 16. Most of the workshop will focus on how to shoot, edit, and produce great video, skills anyone can use, but which journalists especially need. My part of the workshop focuses on how to upload, distribute, and promote your videos online. Here, I explain why that matters... For more info on the video workshop, see the agenda for Wednesday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 16. Continue reading
So they want smartphones... BUT: Are they actually willing to pay for the pricey unlimited data plans that go along with smartphones? That's a huge barrier for most folks.
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi, David Many, many thanks for conducting and posting this interview with Boulder police chief Mark Beckner. This sheds very interesting context indeed on the indecent exposure citations issued Halloween night. I researched state law today, and it looks like you're right: The law does not appear to give judges the ability to exempt from mandatory sex offender registration anyone over 18 who gets cited for indecent exposure. Also, I don't know if you were aware, but around 1 am on the streets of downtown Boulder on Halloween -- the very same day as the Naked Pumpkin Run -- there were two remarkably violent assaults: A woman was gang-raped near Boulder High School, and there was a racially motivated beating. Also on that same day, the Camera reported that Beckner said: "We wanted to do something before (the event) got out of hand,’ said Police Chief Mark Beckner. ‘This was a good opportunity to enforce the law.'" I've written up what I've learned in my blog post today, which excerpts your and links to your post: Thanks again for your citizen journalism work here. Let's keep an eye on this. - Amy Gahran
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