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First off, it is a sales pitch. Companies that sell wine related products use sales pitches all of the time (as do other companies and, dare I say it, even an occasional wine writer). That being said, if indigenous yeast are truly "wild" or "feral" then I don't see how anyone can say they always provide anything (positive or negative). If, however, a winery's uninnoculated ferments perform the same year over year, vineyard over vineyard, then I would think the yeast may well be indigenous to the winery (in which case it could be isolated and eventually sold). That all, of course, is limited to one yeast that is the main driver of fermentation --- in fact there are multiple yeasts active at some point in vitrually all ferments. Adam Lee Siduri Wines
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on New Yeast to Mimic the Feral at The Feiring Line
Alice, I was just needling you a bit. However, I honestly think that without standards of certification you will see "Natural Wines" used by virtually everyone. Seems inevitable. Couple of perhaps unrelated questions -- but when did it become a "genre" rather than a movement? and where does the use of oak fall into the parameters? Adam Lee Siduri & Novy
Ahh, what happened to the Alice that not that long ago blogged, "I'm on board with a resistance to defining the category--as recently stated by Jamie Goode because of that inner anarchist" or the Alice that wrote, "To hell with the EU, the trend, the anti-establishment stuff, this is about taste first, philosophy second." Adam Lee Siduri Wines
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Sep 1, 2010