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Thanks for your take on this issue, Al. It seems all too easy for individuals and organizations to jump on the bandwagon of such boycotts without thinking about the systemic implications of the action. Alongside your thoughts above, is the destructive "us and them" issue mentality I've previously heard you speak about. You and your readers might appreciate Chad Parks's complementary post on the subject, "Good guys & bad guys: They're all part of the same unsustainable system"
Thanks for the post, Jessica. I think one of the remarkable things about Occupy Wall Street is the air time its PR and Media Working Group is giving to the importance of organizational design in the protest. In a couple of interviews with members of the Group, they have blatantly shifted the interview discussion away from the primary content of the protests to talk about the importance of how they are organized, insisting on the importance of not having an organization in charge. Now, if the PR and Media Working Group can connect the importance of their organizational design with your points, some interesting change could take place on Wall Street beyond the standard discussions of executive compensation, economic stimulus, etc.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on Occupying leadership #occupy at Endless Knots
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Oct 18, 2011