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What a talent, the interplay/chemistry between he and Grace was mesmerising; the way they blended whilst yet duelling with each other was extraordinary - he was one of the great pioneers of modern rock. Glad Paul, Spencer and Signe are on the other side to welcome him x
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what was special about 21 Cancer through 19 Leo you mentioned in Pt 1 please?
1 reply're Aries sun, no? Sounds like classic trailblazing Aries rebelliousness <3
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just purchased a long-awaited replacement copy of "A New Look At Mercury Rx" - I remembered it as a good book; had forgotten just *how* good.
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Robert - when you say 8.14 Greenwich Daylight; do you mean British Summer Time or Greenwich Mean Time ?
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Jun 10, 2011
I have been studying Astrology for 23 years or so - Robert, your articles and archive are some of the finest pieces I have read on the subject, and I am learning so much from the insights and perspectives you share - and all that this Gem of a site acts as a catalyst for .. More power to you, fellow traveller - kudos for your work, wit and wisdom long may aquariuspapers continue !
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- in the true sense of the word - awesome article, thank you
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Jun 9, 2011