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Adam Snyder
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I've been deeply enchanted by this podcast for well over a year now. Unlike some others above I actually feel a sense of satisfaction and comfort knowing that the story has an end, and that end is near. While I will sincerely miss the warm, engrossing style that Mike gives to the story of Rome, all good things must have an end. The story could be continued on all the way up until the present day, if we really wanted to keep track of the European narrative that far. Then Mike would have to give us a day to day update, as the world moved on. That, I suppose, would just be the news. Might as well just stick with CNN. Having our story end with the fall of the Western Roman Empire gives it a nice tight closing point, and takes us out of the steam of a constantly changing world and into a story that feels like one solid, if operatic, song. Thank you Mike, and please let us know what project you are moving onto next. The more of you we can get, the better! Would follow you on to new podcasts, or buy your book, or purchase your new "Roman War Songs, the Greatest Hits" album... whatever.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2011 on 154- The Gothic War at The History of Rome
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Oct 15, 2011