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Jul 12, 2012
Thanks for the update and I hope all goes well today. I did lose 2g data for a bit but that is back along with iphone vvm
We are a small rural based business that is served only by a 2g mast if that mast is down 2g is onlt just available from one of the further away sites. We have broadband and feel as a backup if the local cell failed a femtocell would benifit the company like vodafones sure signal. We use our wifi for data but the issue on the iphone 4 is mms sending is not working with new defaults over 2g so a femtocell would also aid in sending mms from the workplace. Any updates on femtocellls or utms over 900mhz for us rural businesses.
Could you post this info as a sticky in the o2 forums please. What about business customers? comments in the forums that the auto system will not work. I had to ring 8002 to get my racingpost app to work over cell data. Yet I had to agree to being 18 to download the app???
Fall in to the iphone fully. Perhaps that is why I have had a 3g 3gs and an iphone4
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Apple or Android - the personality test at O2 Blog
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Jan 25, 2011