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Aw, man, so true so true. The shield must come down. I'll be a better writer because of it. Thanks for saying it.
Wow. Thank you for your words. Thank you God for sending your Son, Jesus, to save the world. Only in Him is there freedom. What a wonderful day. He is risen!!! Whoop whoop.
Breyer's is the best ice cream on the planet. I think a taste test between the two is in order so we can properly debate. It's on!
God gives us experiences and journey's so we can in turn help others. I combining my love for kids and my passion for writing to give back. Thank you team Jesus!
No offense taken by this extrovert. Actually, I agree with two of your statements. I think introverts are better writers. Gasp. How could an extrovert say that? All my favorite authors are introverts, and they’re brilliant! The way they get inside the head of their characters is something to be admired. The foundation of their characters and the inner dialogue produced makes me say, “Flippin genius.” And , yes, they probably hide away writing for hours upon end, everyday, to get it right. Way to be! Would extroverts rather be out having fun than sitting alone reading and writing? Let’s see… last weekend I locked myself in a sun filled, blinds drawn, yellow painted room to work for 3 hours straight. Alone. It didn’t take long for the temptations to stir. The sunny day, voices from people outside, feeling the wind on my face, and did my friend just walk by with her cute terrier? How’s she doing? Oh, look my just rolled up in a new car! I slap myself and move away from the window. Focus! While most people get reenergized by being alone, most extroverts are re-fueled by human interaction. Loud or quiet it doesn’t matter; give us people to talk to! So how can one apply that to writing? Bold characters, wild adventures, crazy situations? Sure, but it’s the depth and meat that can lack, and those elements are what makes a reader care. So much to learn still! Personally, I’m so blessed to have an amazing, wicked smart introvert editor who can tell me where I, the extrovert, am lacking in depth. And who also provides me tools that will teach me to bring balance to my work. Love that this comment is like the length of your blog. So ridic, but we extroverts have much to say :)
I can't offer anything insightful for this blog. I totally believe that extroverts score lower on IQ tests considering I just smiled and giggled as I read your blog. Huh, which am I? Praise God when He brings a balance of the two to a project! Whether in the form of a fried, co-worker, editor, family member, whoever, God blesses us with resources in those opposites so our work can sing. Man, team Jesus is amazing. Oh, and it would only take one guess to know which one you are :)
Anytime we ask God to stretch us, which means getting us out of our comfort zone, we'll see wonderful changes and growth that will lead us to get a better idea of God's purpose for our life. But, we must stay the path in order for that to happen. And I believe if we do stay the course, God will easily be our comfort in every area. Does God always take what he can get? Sure! However, I feel the amount He wants to take from us is a sliver of what we actually give. Can you imagine how different the world would be if all Christians fully gave themselves up? To deeply seek God's will for their life? What a wonderful world it truly would be.
Mick, you continue to amaze me. God is using you! I pretty much love this post because it hits close to home since I’ve experienced the road of self-publishing, and then was “pursued” by a big publishing house. Praise God! I'm nervous sharing, but here is a brief summary. Gulp. Someone mentioned they don’t have money to self-publish and either did I, my friend. A wise woman, who I call a friend, heard about what I was doing and asked me about the money part. I told her God would provide since He put his on my heart and I hadn’t a penny to my name. I was planning on saving for 14 months. She told me and I quote. “People will want to support you with this. Give us a chance to help you.” Uh, ask for help…never thought of that. Letters were sent out and within weeks, I had every penny I needed. I agree, Mick, that with technology now it’s super easy to market and advertise yourself and book. I had a game plan and it was very successful. If anyone wants more details on what I did, I’ll share. Anyhoo, months after my book came out, a bigger publishing company took notice and I guess I can say “pursed” me. I still had a long road ahead, that’s another story itself, but I’m thrilled to say that yes, SP authors can get noticed! We can get behind the red velvet cord! I’m working with an amazing team who believes in the story God gave me. I wanted to share because I know what writer’s think when they hear self-publishing, but I’m here to encourage you to really pray and ask God to reveal His plan. I never ever thought about SP till I hit the bottom and literally handed the reins over to God. I surrender it all. Then God gave it back, plus so much more. Phew.
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Oct 29, 2010
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Oct 29, 2010