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Awesome blog. As a recruiter, the "signals vs. noise" problem is huge. I'll never forget a professor of mine in college that used to run Signals Intelligence at the NSA. He highlighted the signals vs. noise problem as one of the most relevant in our age of technology and constant input. Per your first piece of advice - 1. Put on your blinders - I'll never forget starting our firm and a seasoned head hunter called me after looking at our site and told me "Avoid vanilla. It's ok to say no to clients. Don't do more vanilla - regardless of the cash - but focus on your sweet spot." 2. Focus on your Customers - One of the things several Stryker executives have told me over and over again is "Spend more time with your customers." Achieving 20% growth consistently, their advice continues to shape everything they do in their organization - it's all about the customer. Stryker: There for you. Also, if you follow your first piece of advice - #1 - you're ensuring you spend time with "the right customers" (those invested, committed and in your sweet spot). 3. Love the keep it simple reminder. So true. #4 is probably my favorite piece of advice you gave. I think it reminds us to focus on what Simon Sinek calls "Why!" One of our proudest moments was hosting a happy hour not in a top, shiny, fancy hotel but in our favorite dive bar where we could interact with all our candidates, dress casual, have a beer and meet their families, friends. Chase what matters, not what's shiny. Love this piece of advice! 5. Besides adding a new vocab word, I find this advice refreshing. In the recruiting world, it is more relevant than ever as we see what distinguishes "the best candidates" from the rest. The best way we've kept ourselves on our feet: interns. I love an intern that keeps asking, "Why do we do this?" OR "Have you thought about this?" Interns continue to keep us on our toes and challenge our thinking. THANKS for sharing.
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Mar 15, 2012