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Lynn, I don't think you were wrong about long words and sentences being encouraged in college. They are encouraged, sometimes appropriately and sometimes not (but less often). They are appropriately encouraged when they fit the intended meaning. When academic writing calls for more precision of meaning, it will inevitably require less familiar terms and more complex structures to fit that more specific meaning. Even so, we can almost always simplify the first draft of a complex sentence. Unfortunately, some students (and my literature students are on the freshman and sophomore levels) sometimes impose artificially complicated expression on fairly simple ideas. (In their journal articles, professors are also sometimes guilty of forced academese.) Your article helpfully reminds graduates that the workplace audience is diverse and that most ideas can be expressed more simply. Yet even with a professor as an audience and even with more abstract topics, my students would do well to follow several of the points in your article.
Now that I think about it, my literature students (and a lot of academic writing) would benefit from several of these points, especially the recommendations about simpler, shorter sentence structures and straightforward, unembellished vocabulary.
Do you recommend a time delay between the two emails, each with the separate request? (I'm assuming separate emails for separate requests are your solution for Yvette and Helena). Thanks.
Thanks, Lynn.
Writers can communicate from the outside in if they use links in the email messages that they send. Doing so makes access to more information very convenient.
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Hi, Lynn. I'm getting closer to offer some online training of my own via video, and I'm still trying to decide on the right tool. Do you know whether these webinars via Adobe Connect will include video?
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Jul 25, 2010