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Mike, I am a fan of Eggleston and do very much enjoy his work. Your description of "For Now" was delicious. I can just picture what a delight the book will be to hold and view. Something about the line "colour negative film" made the thought jump into my head that surely behind every great photographer there is a great lab. How else could such gorgeous reproductions of negs from ages ago be born into today's work of art? I still shoot film but I am coming to the end of my tether as lab after lab return roughed up negs, shitty scans or any manner of damage that makes me want to light my hair on fire and jump off the building. Were things better in the old days? Should I just take my lumps as part of a "special" group that likes to suffer for their art?
Dude, Love seeing your updates. Always makes my day. No really, I check in on you and Sev way more frequently that either of you are able to post and it's like the best thing to see something new from either of you. Now, that said, as much as I appreciate hearing about the latest and greatest B&W conversion software and all that I have to say that my heart breaks not to be seeing the ol'Delta scans. What are you doing with the old MP? Forever in my mind I will see the old blog posts. I think I started following you with the "Anon free" titled blog entry back in the dA days. Awesome. I miss the film scans. When I think of L.A. I think of how you captured the light and the moments on Delta 400. Bring it back. Your lab needs you! :)
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Johnny, that was badass. Loved the whole package and the music was especially money! I'd like a mixed tape for Christmas by the way, with some of that fun, poppy, underground but still accessible stuff you kids are listening to these days. :)
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Dec 10, 2009