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Interests: Photography, Unix/Linux, Philosophy
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You don't need a list, just look at the photography streams on Pinterest. Rain shots are my particular bugbear right now - who knew so many models like to frolic in monsoons wearing only a man's shirt?
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2015 on The Worst Clichés at The Online Photographer
My camera of the year for the fourth year running is once again the venerable Nikon D50. (sob) Darn home ownership...
Let's not "get back to discussing the M9", at least for a while! Please post some random excellence, Mike, and then we can discuss photography instead.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on Blog Note Update at The Online Photographer
I was a heavy user of the Nikonians fora for the first 2-3 years of my "serious" interest in photography, and even became a paying member when they started offering personal galleries. During that learning period, it was extremely valuable. But I left it behind once I realised that I was more interested in photography than Nikons. The recent reminders that my account was being terminated only served to highlight that I wasn't going to miss it. (I believe basic membership is still free, but time-limited to 25 day periods.) If you're a beginning Nikon user, a year's subscription would probably pay for itself (Nikon ought to bundle one with their cameras), but there are plenty of other (free!) sites with less restricted horizons once you're past that stage. (Like this one.) The question is whether the fee will discourage the old-time forum regulars who freely share their knowledge and skills - and diplomacy - to keep inspiring the newbies.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2009 on Teapot Tempests at The Online Photographer
I dunno, my 35/1.4 AI Nikkor is one of my favourite lenses, and that's in a focal length that doesn't normally enthuse me. But I guess an updated FX version will magically strip out all the little quirks and flaws (primarily the howwibly curved field of focus) that make it such an interesting gem. Not to mention costing twice as much. In the meantime, while I can't afford a D700, I might within the foreseeable future be able to scrape the pennies together for this, and thus eke another few years of fun out of the ol' D50.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2009 on On Second Thought... at The Online Photographer
Such excellent answers already, it's almost too hard to say anything new. 1) Fave ep School Reunion would have won it except for the rather empty plot, so instead: Impossible Planet. Shame the promise was slightly let down by the concluding part, but obviously it couldn't have got better. 2) Least fave ep The Idiot Lantern and Fear Her were both fairly dull and pointless affairs but I have to get this one off my chest... The Woodenly-Acted Posh Tart In The Sodding Fireplace, burn burn BURN! I have no problem with sex and snogging in DW (e.g. the Eccleston/Piper kiss last time round, or even the Tennant/Piper proxy one in New Earth) but everything about this is just WRONG WRONG WRONG and emphatically not anything I ever want to see, explore or even vaguely imagine in Doctor Who again. She was bloody awful and quite why the Doctor would lose his marbles over her so rapidly, even to the extent of abandoning the TARDIS and his companions for life in a normal timestream, I have no idea. Plus, she was a child when he first met her which makes him an Uncle Paedo of the highest Neil Sedaka-like order. Hence Stephen Moffat has the distinction of writing the best AND worst episodes of DW ever. 3) Best/worst guest star I'm tempted to say Billie Piper... Best: Lis Sladen - to return after thirty years and adapt so beautifully to a completely different style of acting alongside a cast with much more recent experience is a major achievement. And I cried buckets as I laid my childhood to rest. Worst: Sophia Myles, GAH, did I mention how bloody awful she was?? More tears, for rather different reasons. Honourable mention: Shirley Henderson Honourable mention 2: The lovely MyAnna Buring; if dead characters can return as new companions then please, please... 4) Fave moment Rise of the Cybermen: the crazed cyberman clawing wretchedly at his reflection in the console panel while the Doctor looks on with pity. 5) Fave line "I thought you'd died!" - coming fast on the heels of her initial elation, the sudden release of pent-up bitterness and accusation and slight crack in Lis Sladen's voice as she delivers this are heartbreaking. 6) Fave SFX Tooth and Claw: the Doctor and the werewolf pressing their faces up against opposite sides of the door. 7) Fave director Graham Harper 8) DW Confidential Friends Reunited for all the classic clips, which is the only reason to watch Confidential; I can't see what remaining purpose it could serve next season. 9) TARDISode Army of Ghosts, for the satirical reference to the A Level Triplets. Otherwise these were dreadful and pointless. 10) Music Tight Fit, especially the way it faded out to one single lingering scream. 11) Merchandise Sod all that, I just want the programme. 12) Funniest moment "Klom!" - corny but I laughed. Otherwise, I somehow contrive to mishear or misunderstand most of the witticisms in DW (e.g. the Peggy line flew right over my head), and they're never as funny when explained later. 13) Scariest The first batch of cyber conversions with the whirling blades, narrowly beating out the Doctor and Mrs Moore creeping past the "dormant" cybermen, which was scary in the finest tradition of the classic series. If I'd been seven again, this story would have got me banned from watching DW until my mattress dried out. 14) Silliest "Musical" LINDA - I hate watching people badly miming playing an instrument. 15) Biggest surprise Queen Vic's sharp words for the Doctor & Rose after rewarding them; spiteful cow (even if they richly deserved it). 16) Biggest disappointment That I had to read all the preceding comments to remember any of this, and got completely stuck on "Favourite moment" - didn't have this problem with the previous series. 17) Summary in three words or less What went wrong? 18) Fave blog review David Sanders's "wanks and cries" review of Love & Monsters: "HE STICKS HIS COCK INTO A PAVING SLAB!!! Changed my mind... BEST PROGRAMME EVER." (Sorry, never watched Deal Or No Deal.) 19) Podcast Don't do 'em. 20) Cameo Didn't you hear, Coleberg was replaced in Rise of the Cybermen because he argued with the director. 21) Personal bonus question: favourite monster The Ood - bring them back!
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