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Steven Rothberg,
Minneapolis, innesota
President and Founder, career site
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Great...even more blogs to read every day. In all seriousness, the great blogs are a pleasure to read each day. It is the dreck that is such a pain.
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That was very kind of you to include in your list of 56 web sites that organizations need to use when recruiting employees. Your identification of our college niche was dead-on. Employers which are seeking candidates with years of experience will certainly be better served by other job boards but we feel we provide excellent value to employers who want to hire college students who are searching for internships or recent graduates who are hunting for entry-level jobs.
Thank you for the blog love!!
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Despite what Guy said, the honor and pleasure was ours. I was fortunate enough to attend his presentation. He was funny, interesting, thought provoking, and repeatedly expressed his love for hockey. What more could we ask for?
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