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That is a shame. While I understand the need to promote the Second season, this also helps promote the recent release of the DVD/Bluray as well as any other ancillary merchandise. If they are going to start paywalling all content like this, they will hurt word of mouth as well as future growth. After all, while someone may not have cable, or at least one of these 13 cable companies, they probably have friends who do and may watch with them. These same people will see the ads that TNT will run during the Sunday night broadcast, and are consumers. The only argument for it that I can see is that the staggered airings of the Second Season around the world might make them try to limit these to only the countries that will already see the episode, to try to limit spoilers. And Wil, make sure you thank us Philadelphia Flyers fans for sending the team you Richards and Gagne, and in a roundabout way, Carter. While I love what we got in return, your Kings got the best of the deal. Now shut down the damn Devils.
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Don't forget that he also spent a couple of hours at Carl's Cards in Havertown meeting a big crowd of people and signing autographs and taking pictures to benefit the local area chapter of the American Lung Association. Really talked with the fans and seemd to have a great time.
If this was in season, then I would also agree. No one is so sacred (look at the benching of Rollins before). However, this is just the wrong time to take your major players out of the mix. Yes, Ryan has not hit for RBI's. Do we use the same logic with Utley? What about Victorino? Should we wholesale the lineup? Jumping the lineup around might make a little sense. Judging by the friskiness of Rollins, it might make sense to move him back up top and manufacture some runs from the get go (as long as the ALWAYS SWING AT FIRST PITCH rule is not in effect). However, no matter how Ryan has batted so far, his coming to the plate affects how the batters before him are pitched. As stated, he can "go yard" at any time, and we are now back in CBP, when his HR's might not be so hard to come by. However, his threat is nmuch stronger than Sweeney's, especially in win-or-go-home games. These next two games will be chess matches to win. Why mix up the pieces from the get-go?
Excellent post. Give my love to the mom who sets such a fine example for her Panda kids. Maybe she will let them grow as fat as him, too.
And the problem with the Letterman appearance was that it was not funny. Letterman wrote a pretty lame list for Howard.
I'm not in the minority that felt he should be in the batting cages. However, I do agree that the TV interviews (4 at my count)were unnecessary. Had he simply been at the game, who knows. But this was a promo op set up by Fox and MLB, with Scott Palmer in the background. I do feel that, on a game day, that will be followed by a long plane trip to SF, and the need to seize this series back, this was not the best thing. And that is my opinion. It is not a fact and could be wrong. But it is my opinion.
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Oct 17, 2010