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Anne Ardina
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1. Yes, I've read the entire Bible several times: First the KJV, then RSV, and then the NIV for several years. Until I decided to read a different version every year. So I've also read the Amplified Version, and last year started reading in my native language/dialect: Chavacano. Unfortunately, there's only a NT translation and no OT yet. 2. I've never read the Bible chronologically, and although I was going to follow the One-Year Bible plan at first, this one caught my eye. I will be reading it in the NASB. 3. My favorite verse is Matthew 6.33. My favorite book is the Psalms. 4. I am a Pastor's Kid (coming from a "modern levite tribe" with my great-grandfather, grandfather, father, uncles, cousins, brothers, husband, and now, son as pastors). I'm a youth pastor, professor for youth ministry, and freelance writer. 5. Antipolo City, Philippines 6. Insights: I was reminded of the extremes we could go when it comes to our perspective of the devil. As a teen, I was so obsessed about knowing all I can about angels and demons, as well as Satan. But I realized that I needed to know more about God. Just like bank personnel who study real money very well so that they can spot a counterfeit. (And not studying the counterfeit.) I changed my focus to studying/learning about the "real thing": our Almighty God!
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Jan 2, 2011