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You miss the point and don't disclose - which is Rand Paul? A fantasy or orc? Rand Paul is trying to be all things to all people and he's doing it to hide he's an empty suit. Chris Christie pointing that out irritates those enlisted in the Rand Paul cult. Christie skewered Paul on his 'gimme' line by pointing out Kentucky gets back $1.51 (and as much as $1.84) for every federal tax dollar sent in against NJ's sixty one cents. Christie accurately points out that Rand Paul is a loose cannon in foreign affairs and his military views are dangerous to national security. Paul says 'No bail out to Detroit' and used the phrase "over my dead body,' loses big in the Egypt vote on whether or not to cut off aid, then says 'let's use the Egypt money to help Detroit.' Rand Paul thrives on low information voters and single issues. That it took this long to get backlash in the GOP is an indication of how low the party has fallen - and Rand Paul is why that party is in sharp decline.
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