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Adophgraphy The art and science of imagery
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Hi, Mike, with respect, I think your ex-girlfriend is wrong way way wrong. Although, I would have to qualify that by saying she is wrong or right depending upon the culture/country in which one lives. Here in England being critical is way way way harder. The English, have a trait, that personally I despise, of being ever so nice. For example, a good few of our national football team managers have been chosen, not primarily on their ability, but rather, on how nice they are (the obvious result being, well obvious to me anyway, that they were pretty useless at the job). We have the X-Factor show, where it seems that the x-factor most needed is being "nice", never mind the fact that the "nice" contestant may never be able to go on to have a long and successful music career (due to lack of talent). Being nice is easy peasy. You say something nice, and folks smile or nod in agreement, or being English, they just say nothing to be erm .......... nice. If on the other hand, you slag something off then you are deemed persona non-grata and very often you get challenged as to why you are dissing this that or the other. Express your liking for something and you very rarely get challenged as to why it is you like that thing. Take your choice of car. It so happens that I 100% agree with you about what you say about the Maserati GranTurismo, which is easy for me to do because it so happens that it's my favourite car (I regard it as sex on wheels and when I first saw it I literally froze with my mouth wide open). Had you slagged it off, no doubt this post of mine would have been a lot longer, challenging all your criticisms about my baby. :o) So to my mind, it's the citics, the ones who raise their heads above the parapet, who have it hard and the ever so nice folks who are always full of praise who have it easy. Warmest regards, plevyadophy
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Jan 21, 2013