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Adrian Cameron
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i've had so many gigs from woods that ranged from law firms to ad agencies to health care to non-profits to my own stints of meta-temping. they're a crack team of extraordinary individuals and i'll miss my weekly interactions with all of them. i remember once racing thru some particularly syrupy downtown traffic on a friday (paid on a friday!!) to pick up my check which was uncomfortably essential to correcting my finances that very afternoon and realizing how i wouldn't make it. by the time i made my straggling way to the galland, well after woods' (extended on friday!!) closing time i knew i was sunk. but there in the building lobby stood the inimitable bruce saladin waiting around (no less, on a friday!!) for my punk ass to show up and get paid. he slipped me my check with his effortless charm and sauntered off to engage in whatever mysterious, delightful activities as please him. my heart was full to rupturing (aided surely by my sprint across the street to the chase bank overlords). they're all exactly like this and i wish them all a ton of luck though not a single one will need it.
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Jul 29, 2011