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OMG - we so inhabit virtually the same world. It is not just you! Take some small comfort that by the time Flea is at the end of year 1, she'll be rolling with your lunacy even more fantastically than she does now and will even start covering your tush for you. Arabella went to school after half term minus PE kit (yep, I forgot the lot despite getting it out the night before and leaving it by the front door) and when they did PE she simply said to the PE teacher, "oh it's OK, my PE kit is at home Mummy didn't have time to find it this morning, I'll bring it in tomorrow". I'm starting to learn, that perfection isn't what matters (well sort of), it is simply what is good for us, works for us. And you know what we are all fine. Frequently a touch stressed, always a bit tired, and underneath it all perhaps not sane, but definately very happy.
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Jun 22, 2010