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Hello Michelle. Thank you for sharing and commenting on my article. I found your blog today because the post has apparently resurfaced and is once again viral. I read your comments, and the comments of your readers and tried to keep an open mind. But I think instead of my points being too black and white as you say, you all are not reading for true context. That's OK, everyone will have a different perception of what they read. We're all adults and can agree or disagree peacefully. But I think you all have missed my point, or at least the point of this article which is it was directed toward habitual brain pickers. I give TONS of free advice, information, etc. Plus I gift services to individuals throughout the year (which I don't speak of for obvious reasons). So for anyone to be shocked angry or bothered by what I said clearly doesn't understand the context of this article. I don't run my business by sniffing out brain pickers and assuming the worst in people. Quite the contrary. But I've been in business a long time and can tell when a person is just fishing for a finished blueprint handed to them or genuinely wants my advice. I listen way more than I speak. And I know how to differentiate consultations from advice. I stand by every word in that article and don't regret writing it. It was more focused toward people who are habitual brain pickers and people who take advantage. But everyone will read with their own perceptions. Anyway, thanks for sharing and commenting. I'm glad this article sparked (and continues to spark) so much conversation. Happy New Year to you and I wish you much continued success! Adrienne Graham (author of the article)
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Jan 4, 2012