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Thanks for posting this. It prompted me to finish reading the new ESOMAR standards and brought my attention to the MRS brief. :) I tend to agree with you and others here about our industry needing to be adaptable or else become irrelevant. Most of us trained in "traditional research methods" tend to be conservative in adopting new methodologies. If anything, we need a nudge in the direction of branching out and trying new tools, even if they might be controversial. However, I can see why our standards organizations would take a conservative approach in order to establish some boundaries on appropriate research methodology in the age of social media research. For example, my idea of "outrageous behavior" might be much different than's just good to have a "policy" to reference when making a gray-area decision. In the end, I'm confident that this kind of public debate--made possible by the social media tools we're now using for research--will lead to adaptable, reasonable guidelines.
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Aug 11, 2011