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Denise Michaels
Las Vegas, NV
Life is one excellent adventure after another. Enjoy 'em all!
Interests: International travel, gourmet cooking, writing, Starbucks, hanging out with my husband, my step-grandkids and my friends.
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I've always really liked beets. Even as a kid I liked them. I think part of it is just the brilliant color. I'm a red girl.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2010 on Wordless Wednesday: Beet Geodes at kitchenmage
There is wonderful food throughout the Caribbean. Very different from San Francisco - but some amazingly good island treats. Fisherman call lobsters "bugs" down there - they are from the arachnoid (spider) family. But it's no big deal there - except at the fancy-schmancy resorts that cater to Americans and Europeans.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on Island eats: St. Maarten at Hedonia
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All your Apple Desserts look wonderful, but, um, I have a question: why peel the apples on the Baked Apples? I made baked apples last week. Yes, I was digging around to core them like you. I used a melon baller. But I left the skin on the outside intact - except at the very top. They were so unbelievably delicious. The skin was so soft you could cut through it with a spoon. The apple inside was super moist and cinnamon-y.
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Take care of your health. By all means that's the most important thing. After all, your family and the people who care just want the best for you.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on I Heart You # 44 at winosandfoodies
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When a person says, "We can't help ourselves" it's like saying, "We're all victims and there's nothing we can do as individuals and so we need someone else like the government to step in and tell us what to do. I just don't necessarily agree with that. In my regular business I am a marketing mentor and I help very small business owners get the word out on their products and services. I know that marketing is such a powerful thing that it results in some people changing their behaviors. It's okay, when it makes your life easier and better - think of how cell phones have made life better (and worse sometimes - but I digress). The point is that we all have a choice whether we buy in to the advertising for junk food and fast food - a lot of the culprits for the obesity problems we face. I've dealt with weight issues my whole life and I know how tempting all this stuff can be. What's helped me be successful in losing and keeping off 50 pounds for seven years now is to keep in mind that the purpose of all this junk food isn't to nourish my body. It's all about quarterly profits. My mindset is that if these companies want to do that - it's their business. But they won't get rich off me on the stuff. And if enough Americans get smart and vote with their dollars - businesses will have no choice but to adapt to what consumers want. Foods that are healthier, less processed and with less unpronounceable ingredients. Now as for that new Supreme Court ruling letting corporations donate unlimited funds to campaigns - I'm not happy about that one.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on Can we change the Food System? at Ruth Reichl
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Oct 21, 2010