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an EDL buck
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Whats the betting that if these attacks, street "war", rape of their young daughters etc, had happened to the muslim population, the lame stream media would be screaming blue bloody murder? Sometimes I wonder why I pay my license fee!
Here's a few quotes. 1: 'Iranian nation is your friend and it is your right to choose your own path'- shame "im,mad,in,a,diner,jacket" dont give the same rights to his own people! 'Come and takeaway the Zionist regeme, which is source of all crimes' oh yeah, what about muslim pimps going after our daughters, what about all the other victims of muslim inspired crime (Street Jihad)'. From England.
This excrable excuse for a man blames our GIRLS for getting gang raped by moo-slim peadophille gangs!?! does he have any daughters cause the sight of a hijab turns me into a raving lust monster! But seriously, how would he like it if it was HIS underage girl/s getting gang raped by a gang of kufar? You can pretty much guess hed NOT blame our "unhappy marriages", he should STFU AND FO!
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Feb 6, 2011