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Suzanne, yep lots of local musicians. Talent level is high in Austin. You can certainly get paid to play in Austin. There are so many venues, bars, more bars, restaurants, clubs, festivals and corporate. I feel a bigger challenge for artists is to not have a binary focus on live paid gigs. My opinion is that an artist will be more successful if they're building their personal brand. The barriers are pretty much gone. We have some great example to borrow from. Kiss and Taylor Swift are good artists to study on the business side. Now that I'm thinking about, how about Silver, Wood and Ivory? I don't know them personally, but I know they're making money in various ways! My 2 cents for the day, :) Art
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I see a major shift happening with artists expanding their view of creative endeavors to generate more sources of potential revenue. I see it this way: 1. Live performance (though I do live in Austin, TX!) 2. Merch 3. Collaborating on other creative projects like: website projects, video/indy film projects, selling samples, loops, tracks, training videos, templates, creative/training related self published books. 4. 3rd party sponsorship (often related to #3) 5. Licensing (websites, TV, corporate, specialty) 6. CD or song downloads. I see #6 as mostly free to promote more opportunities with 1-5. And an emphasis on doing the right #1 to get 2-5 opportunities. 70% business 30% creative
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Dec 8, 2009