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Boot on the ground ... I can personally tell anyone reading this that I stood on that exact spot featured in this article in Nov. 2019 and that no electric bus was running that day and no electric bus was charging wireless that day. I personally reached out to employees of LinkTransit and received responses like "Why are you asking about that bus and who are you ?" I found the employees to be cagey and acted as it they had been told by managed to only deliver specific messages about the Electric Bus and Wireless charging. The route that was suppose to be serviced by the electric bus and wireless charger was instead serviced by the typical diesel bus. One wireless charger at that location looked like it hadn't run in years and was just a piece of expensive junk. Every article and video about this subject of wireless charging appears to be either propaganda and released to deliver a very careful message that is not truthful. If I have it wrong ... call me out ... but I was there and that is what I saw and that is what the employees of LinkTransit had to say about this.
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Nov 29, 2019