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I'm with John. I do a similar pattern, except I receive my movies on Tuesdays (ship out Weds) and Fridays (ship out Sat), in order to receive new releases on Tuesdays. With my three out at a time plan, I could get six movies in one week, but this will most certainly be affected. Way to go, Netflix, only being concerned with yourself and not those filling your pockets.
Watching the director's cut of Dark City for the first time. Also have Alien, Assassination of a High School President, and Disc 4 of Season 1 of Six Feet Under at home. Roy, I watched Precious thinking I'd hate it, but it turned out to be pretty entertaining. Not as dark and depressing as I thought it'd be.
I was paying about $121 for cable and internet from Comcast (HD and DVR included). Living by myself and with Netflix, Hulu, etc that I could now run through my TV, keeping my cable box seemed not all that worth it. However, I made a quick call to them asking about downgrading or cutting my cable altogether, and not a minute later, they were offering me the same service plus additional channels for $70 a month. If you think your cable is too much and you'd hate to part with it, make a call threatening to cut it, and I can bet you'll get a better deal.
Yea, we should probably keep this on the downlow as much as possible. Been using this 'trick' for a long time. My discs are always in the mail Friday night.
I can't understand how making an official rule about no outside food will increase ticket sales. I assume people will still sneak stuff in, or this will only further deter people from going to the theater at all. If the goal is to increase concession sales, how about not charging three to four times the cost for candy and soda compared to a grocery store or even convenience store? It's silly that movie theaters treat themselves like they're a danged sports arena.
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Dec 1, 2009