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Thank you for this! I'm in total agreement with your premise that women (especially destitute women) are the largest group of folks who do not have equal rights. I also believe that the leaders of any group tend to be selfish and self-serving in their quest for more equality for their particular group, whatever that group is. But I'm not sure that fighting for equal rights for everyone is best served by concentrating that fight on any single group, regardless of how large that group might be. I think we as a society need to adopt a lot more ALL-inclusive approach to obtaining the same rights for everyone. Otherwise, we're just perpetuating the "Once I get mine, I promise to come back and help you get yours. No, really, I will!" frame of mind. On a side note, how can any government entity define marriage as being between "one man and one woman" when the terms "man" and "woman" have no real legal definition?
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Dec 4, 2009