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Fairness and harm are the foundational underpinnings of libertarianism, which is generally popularly defined as staunchly conservative by mainstreamers, both so-called liberal and so-called conservative. The modern liberal believes in government enforcement of values, not necessarily fairness, on individuals, as does the conservative. Both groups decry the other as destructive, nonproductive, oppressive, and so forth, and both sides have very valid points. "Liberal" comes from the word "liberty". That means freedom. One either has freedom or does not, and if someone is being influenced in every aspect of life how to behave and believe, then they are not free. As a great jurist once said, "You're right to swing your fist ends at my nose." That encapsulates the principles of fairness and doing no harm. Modern liberals and conservatives often seem to want to legislate against swinging fists.
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Sep 1, 2010