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I like the "start slow" idea. I've seen too many businesses lose their shirts because they jumped headfirst into an untested idea. It's better to be patient, start small, minimize your risk, do a test batch, and see what happens. You'll learn a lot about your product and the market from those tests.
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LOL - I'm sure they're reading Free Money Finance! This post reminds me of a post I read on the Thousandaire blog about -- (on the other end of the spectrum) -- how badly Joe Biden has managed his personal finances. I'm not being political; it's simply the obvious conclusion that anyone would reach after seeing his financial disclosure. I like that you wrote about politicians without being political -- kudos! We need more of that. I'm so sick of political bickering, and I'm excited to see a blog that can write about the President and just stick to the facts.
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It depends on whether you can buy the house in cash or not. If you can buy in cash, then you will save money ($100-$200 per month, as you said) by buying a home. You will not pay interest on a depreciating asset. You can invest the cash you save each month. And if the house gets shattered, you're not obligated to rebuild it -- you can sell it for pennies and walk away. If you have to finance it, then keep renting. Never pay interest on a depreciating asset.
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Mar 23, 2011