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Dear black brothers and sisters! Cameroon is already an arena of blind peace, which is masked to the international community though it is gradually unfolding and confirming its barbaric acts of killing. This second scenario of killing couple with the killing in the north west province goes once more to confirm the fact that there is an ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM! The solution to this ill is an immediate separation from the La republique. This separation will not come by the mere use of words, violent actions actions are required, there need to be a revolution in Cameroon, this revolution my dear brothers will cost lives of innocent souls and guilty ones. If we are to use words to fight this or diplomatic measures then we still need a century. I will quote cyprus, Congo -kinshasa, Ivory coast, Nigeria and presently central Africa Rep. The USA of America had to impose violence so as to overcome Irak despite all the talk from the Uited Nations. La republique has proven violent in several occasions and now it has decided to be killing elites of the SW and NW. They have shown violence in several occasions and i believe to counter act this we also need Violence. I WILL ASSURE YOU THAT THOSE MOMENTS OF WAR WILL SOON ARRIVE CAMEROON, BETWEEN ANGLOPHONES AND LA REPUBLIQUE AND AMONGST THEMSELVES THE FRANCOPHONES.! We should be thinking of developing a resistance free of Patriotic country from the thieves..... There is no success without losses, and suffering, even God's people suffered the same faith (spiritually) to be free so we are not an exception, Let's face our Captors!!