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Some might say showing a fight at the end would be cliche.But actually NOT showing the fight at the end is not only cliche it is cowardly.It is insulting to the audience to leave it like this.It is definitely a cowardly way to end a film.Pretending to let the audience imagine the ending, instead of "bringing it home" with a final battle in which the Sole survivor triumphs over his tormentor(the wolf) and his own demons. Yes I think ending it the way he did was a cop out. Whenever I see endings like that I assume the director has no balls or he ran out of money to shoot an ending!
He could have made the ending a bloody battle where liam neeson ends up the victor and through the victory finds the miracle that he was asking for earlier in the film when he looked up at the sky. It would have been better to show a bloody fight where he pulls it out by the grace of the Almighty, He emerges from the snowy forest and collapses by a cabin Crawling inside to safety. Through his near death struggle he gains a new appreciation for life and faith.This would have been a perfect ending.
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Jul 22, 2012