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Mar 15, 2010
"Carpet-bagger" money for Rob Miller will provide a non-trivial benefit to Wilson when he rallies his troops around the "outside aggravator socialists" who are single-handedly funding his Commie (ex-Marine) challenger. How about we do both?! Here's a crazy idea: We use that money NOT to blindly support a Democratic challenger whose stances on issues most important to progressives have yet to be vetted, but to fund grassroots leadership among the residents/voters of SC's 2nd Congressional District, starting with its most moderate/progressive constituents: the Blackfolk who live there? I know, I know: that's crazy-talk. Never mind.
It would seem that the proposed Program-Related Investment Promotion Act of 2008 would obviate the need for Sen. Cardin's bill, S. 673 that would create a new tax-exempt entity known as the Qualified Newspaper Corporation. Read the text of S. 673 here:
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