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This is a job for SAAS! Imagine if you could at least collaborate or markup 3D CAD on this thing - thats sexy and the whole point behind CAD in the Cloud.
We ran a SaaS service in Beta and then RC for two years and lost nothing. The fact is that doesn't matter. At any point the client can backup for themselves the data or the SaaS-in-the-Cloud service can 'park' the files anywhere the client likes when you are done with your SolidWorks in the Cloud session. I've heard many folks talk about the return of "Mainframes and Thin Clients". Nothing ever comes back exactly and this time its all about the flexibility of the cloud offers. If you want to pay someone (like Google Apps) to store and protect your CAD data because it makes better sense than the cost/risk of doing it yourself, then thats option1. If you want your CAD Cloud provider to access the data from a secret vault buried deep beneath the ground with just a single wire poking out of the ground, then you have control over the data and you'l have to pay someone for the data transfer back and forth. If you wanna split the middle save the data in your own storage onlive or Amazon S3 where it is professionally managed.
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Mar 6, 2010