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Home School High, home of Fightin' Bible Thumpers! "Perfectly good" tire and wheel from 1976 Dodge Pickup Truck, that's only been sitting in the garage for a "few" years; booze AND cigarettes; tiger's blood Us Bible Thumpers deserve the honor of being abused by Mr. Burge because we would much prefer to hear anything by some random car guy from Iowa -- including incoherent mumbling; a drunken reading of the local yellow pages; an "air guitar" performance with vocal riffs; or even hiccups and/or burps, etc. -- than to suffer through one word uttered by the current President of the United States. Go Bible Thumpers! WINNING!
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That's it -- I'm off to Sonic for a large order of Cheese-Tots. Make it two! Or maybe one large Cheese-Tots, one large Chili-Cheese-Tots. Wash it down with a large cherry Coke, after lifting a toast to the Tot-Hatress-In-Chief.
I’m a Christian, a Texan, a Caucasian who eats meat. I pay taxes but don’t like it. I think kids should be allowed to play dodgeball at school and that not every kid on the Little League team should get a trophy. I’m a gun-owner who doesn’t recycle and I'm against abortion. I’m not on welfare and am married to a person of the opposite sex. I have several more than 2.5 children. I am a fan of the internal combustion engine. I drive an SUV without passengers. For a time, I home-schooled my children. I volunteer with the USO and think soccer mostly sucks. I display the American flag at the home I own. I often think for myself, eschewing “group-think”. I donate regularly to charity. One of my kids won a Rotary Club essay contest on “Patriotism”. “Multi-cultural” is a bad word at my house. I think “Live Free or Die!” is a great slogan; also: “Tea Partiers – Ungovernable since 1773" I’m the total terrifying package For the win: I’m indisputably Iowahawk’s biggest fan Thanks for the part!
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