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Also see for more MB connections to Bangladesh's Jamat...
The problem maybe a little more sordid than what has been reported in MSM - much like we've done in Egypt and are beginning to do in Syria, we (or at least our state department) is coming down on the side of Islamists - see This is an angle that the counter-jihad movement needs to look at more closely - we should hardly be supporting the Jamaat, much lkike we should not support the MB... [ one stage the US ambassador to Bangladesh came here for talks — the main point of difference has been over the right wing Jamaat-e-Islami, a BNP ally. US officials, sources said, have been more positive about the Jamaat, even conveying that it had begun to emerge as a legitimate Islamic party. ]
Our foreign policy over the last few years have been a total disaster. An unnecessary war in Iraq, promoting an Arab Spring which will come back to bite us, pushing for a forced peace between Israel-Palestine on Palestinian terms and now, an emerging debacle with India. All the while, the main state perpetrators behind 9/11 - Saudi Arabia, Taliban and Pakistan - have prospered. Afghanistan finds itself in the same situation where it was in 2001 - the Taliban rules large areas, a vicious form of Islam is dominant and of course we're negotiating peace to have Pakistan & Taliban take over Afghanistan again - so why waste the precious treasure (American Blood) and trillions of dollars over 10 years. Unfortunately, as China emerges as a financial power, we find ourselves in the following situation: - the Chinese don't like us (1.3B people) - the Muslims hate us (1.4 B people) and now the Indians are out on the streets protesting against us (1.2B people) Not all of the above could have been avoided, but it certainly does not lead us to better times, in a world where Chine is emerging, middle east seems to be slowly drowning and Europe is in some trouble.
Muslims are habitual ethnic cleansers. In the Chittagong Hill tracts, the Buddhist population has been reduced from 85% down to less than 48% in the last few decades. How did this happen? Through rape, kidnapping, forced conversions, mass murder and simply throwing non-muslims out of their lands. 98% of the rapes happen to non Muslim women in Bangladesh - where these women make up only 5% of the population. Unfortunately, The numbers in the rest of Bangladesh are even worse. According to a study done by SUNY, 49 MILLION non muslims have "disappeared" from Bangladesh in the lest 5 decades. This kind of ethnic cleansing is not limited to just the Bangladesh (the origins of these Burmese Muslims), but in almost all places where Muslims dominate demographically - Pakistan, North Africa, Iraq, Kashmir ae just some other examples. A simple example would be look at the demographic change in places like Bradford - how did these places become no-go zones for most non-Muslims? Non Muslim societies are finding that they have no legal responses left to battle the endemic and habitual violence that Islam brings with it.
Is EDL causing the Muslim riots in Sweden? Is EDL the reason behind 70 people being killed by car bombs this morning in Baghdad? Is EDL the reason behind the disappearance of 49 MILLION non Muslims in the last few decades from Bangladesh? .....
The very fact that Obama HAS to associate "prevention of violent extremism" ONLY with the Muslim American community and not other communities, like say the Buddhist Americans, says it all.
Had to ask the obvious - Who's looking for those 3 Pakistanis, also mentioned by the Saudis?
i could not find the original news article, but here's a post about it, which is perhaps closer to the truth... From ["Chief of banned militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed Maulana Masood Azhar has said that in Islam the only meaning of Jihad was killing, even as another militant group supporter asked Pakistan to declare that suicide bombing against West was Jihad." This from Press Trust of India. "In Islam the only meaning of jihad was killing, and those who projected the concepts of Jihad Akbar and Jihad Asghar were against Islam," Azhar was quoted by an Urdu daily Nawa-e-Waqt as saying. ...Not only that: Azhar "said it was a conspiracy against Islam to say that Jihad was not killing." ]
What Obama has achieved is something that the Muslim brotherhood has been trying to do for decades. Effectively, the Muslim Brotherhood has been legitimized, first as the rulers of Egypt (thru the Arab Spring) and now they have been transformed into a significant regional player, as the chosen ones to maintain this faux peace. The Muslim Brotherhood could not have asked for more.
70% of the Jewish vote went to Obama.
Does Marcia Kannry not read or should we simply blame poor genetic material?
From wikipedia.... "In 1951, Hindus constituted 22 percent of the Pakistani population.[2][3] By 1998 the proportion of Hindus was down to around 1.7 percent." - am assuming that this refers to both East and West Pakistan put together. Incidentally, an article on a similar decrease in population in another predominantly Muslim country... Alarming decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh in Ethnic and religion driven cleansing out of non-Muslims is habitual in many Muslim societies.
"Where Arab Muslims go, this kind of shit follows." Actually, ethnic cleansing and religion based cleansing out of people is commonplace in many Muslim societies. Unfortunately, we're also seeing that in western societies like France we see no go zones in Muslim areas beginning to appear.
[These men INSIGHT mayhem...] - nobody knows how you "insight" mayhem - truly a muslim invention. A Muslim mother in Australia, puts a placard suggesting "behead all those who insult the prophet" (in public) - shows the degree of malice and hatred, inherent in Muslim societies.
Poor Gustavo with a "college degree" - the rest of the Muslims may soon start handing out muslim nobels for such high levels of achievement!! [The Iraqi Christian community thrived under Saddam Hussein, he was overthrown, and the Sunni insurgency came in, Christians with the Shia majority were attacked] - Sunnis or Shia - Muslims participating in ethnic cleansing is commonplace and usual - after all, hasn't the non-muslim population of Pakistan gone down from somewhere around 17% or so, to less than 5% - seems like Islam seems to be a problem everywhere. Looks like, Muslim societies contribute to humanity, at about the same levels as malaria.
Looks like we have Muslim mongrel teaching the rest of us tolerance... 100,000 co-opts forced out of Egypt in about 6 months after the arab spring Gaza Christians carry out protests to protect themselves from forced conversions Iraqi Christians down by 2/3 of their population in the last decade 66 of 77 grooming cases in the UK, perpetrated by Pakistani Muslims, who form less than 5% of the population In France, 750 no go zones in mostly Muslim zones The problem is the diseased ideology of Islam - criminalizing it, will make the world a better place.
A quick google reveals that Javerea Khan is a Pakistani born Muslim and yes, we can confidently term Pakistanis as savages, if Ms. Javerea has any doubts. When she and her people reach civilization, we'll be happy to let them know.
The moderator in this discussion continuously and erroneously tries to suggest that the ad calls an ethnic or religious groups savages - that is completely untrue and here're the specific talking points that should be used: 1. the ad refers to people demonstrating a particular behavior "savages" - not a religious or ethnic group 2. any group that engages in the "behavior" of jihad, as in those who drove planes into buildings on 9/11, or those who engaged in 19,600 terrorist acts in a little over 10 years or those who are ethnically cleansing out co-opts in egypt, Christians out of gaza/iraq, Hindus/Christians out of Pakistan, are "savages" 3. Calling jihadis "savages" is compareable to calling child-rapists savages. Its is not compareable to calling Irish, Israelis or even Muslims savages Unless we make the above three points consistently and repeatedly - some nitwit or the other is going to keep repeating the refrain of "hai-allah - they called all muslims savages"
Also you cannot make this stuff up - a Pakistani protester died due smoke inhalation from burning a US flag during a protest. More details here Synopsis from several sources [A Pakistani man, one of approximately 10,000 people participating in an anti-American rally has died. The cause of death? Complications from inhaling smoke after burning an American flag. The Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper affiliated with The International Herald Tribune (“The Global Edition of The New York Times”) reported: “ One of the participants of the rally, Abdullah Ismail, passed away after he was taken to Mayo Hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling unwell from the smoke from US flags burnt at the rally. The rally is part of protests, organized by Jamaat-Ud-Dawa, the political arm of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. Protesters are allegedly insulted by America’s unwillingness to punish the makers of the film “Innocence of Muslims.” The protesters, demanding respect for and tolerance of Islam, threatened to destroy the U.S. consulate in Pakistan if the United States does not publicly hang the movie’s producer, director, and “all those involved in the production and release of the movie” (which would presumably include Google and YouTube employees). The protesters also will not be satisfied until the United States makes a “law against blasphemy.”]
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Good Morning, Pakistan! at Atlas Shrugs
Oh! and the Pakistani Prime Minister's wife just rewarded a convicted terrorist, who US courts sent to prison for 86 years in 2010...
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Good Morning, Pakistan! at Atlas Shrugs
A couple of days ago, the wife of the Prime Minister of Pakistan felicitated Aafia Siddiqui - a convicted terrorist. Details on Aafia Siddiqui from wikipedia: "On February 3, 2010, she (Aafia Siddiqui) was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder, armed assault, using and carrying a firearm, and three counts of assault on U.S. officers and employees.". Siddiqui has been sentenced to 86 years in prison. More on the news item at: [LAHORE: Nusrat Pervaiz Ashraf, the prime minister’s wife, on Saturday urged Muslim women to wear a hijab, saying that wearing one would not hold them back from achieving their goals. ... Ashraf also presented token awards to Marwa al Sherbini (an Egyptian woman who was killed in 2009 in a German court by a man she had testified against), Yvonne Ridley (a British war correspondent who converted to Islam in 2003), Maryam Jameelah (another convert to Islam and a scholar) and Aafia Siddiqui.]
What Hanif and his kind do not say, is that the reason blasphemy related violence is appreciated and supported in Pakistan, is because of the demented ideology that the people of Pakistan follow. Consider the following: - according to a recent Pew poll, 76% of Pakistanis support the killing of apostates; that is 76% of a country with nearly 190M Muslims. - according to the same poll, 82% of Pakistanis would be happy to stone to death adulterers in their society So, Pakistanis as a people are extremists. Moving along, lets take a look at support for Blasphemy. About 80 years ago, a carpenter called Illumuddin, killed a Hindu in public, for alleged blasphemy. What is interesting is the support and adulation that this murderer of a supposed blasphemer received, including the construction of a permanent monument to commemorate him. Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and Alama Iqbal a noted intellectual, who was a prime moulder of Pakistani mindset, both were strong supporters of Illumudin's act. In fact, even Mohammed Taseer, the father of Salman Taseer (killed recently for supporting a Christian woman) also supported Illumuddin. So, this support for murder for people who allegedly commit Blasphemy is built into Pakistani society. In fact, as far as I know, not one of the people accused of Blasphemy has ever been killed by legal means - but always by through the proactive acts of the average Pakistani. Until, Hanif and his kind can admit that the flaw is in Muslim Pakistanis themselves, this level of delusional thinking and murder will continue.
To give you a sense of how widespread Muslim debauchery is - here's a report on how Hindu minorities are being raped in relief camps in Burma - finally, the Burmese army had to come in and remove the Hindus from the relief camps... See Will go un-noticed, but the rape of non-Muslim women, forced conversion attempts, mass murder and desecration of places of non-muslim worship, are pretty consistent with Muslim culture. [Khine Myo Min: Myanmar government authority in Sittwe evacuated ninety eight Hindu refugees from Bengali Muslim dominated refugee camps to downtown Sittwe on Wednesday. 98 people from 18 Hindu families were moved from their current shelter of Thae Chaung and Thak Kay Pron camps to Sittwe city due to increased threats by Bengali Muslim extremists after many reported rapes and attempted rapes and tortures committed by the Bengali Muslims who are majority in the camp. The transfer was carried out by two military trucks and the Hindu refugees are now living in a Hindu temple located on Mongbagree road. An officer from Sittwe police station No (1) who do not wish to disclose his identity told RMG that 6 Hindu women including four teenage girls and two house wives were raped by Bengali Muslims during their stay in Thae Chaung camp. "We had to live in a cow butchery. They tried to feed us beef and theaten us with death if we don't convert to Islam. Our kids had to stay inside for 24 hours to avoid beating and other kind of harassment by the Bengali Muslims. The most horrible thing is that our women are being raped one after another and those Bengali Muslim rapists became more daring when the authority did not take any actions. We have to keep guards for days and nights for the safety of our people there. Those periods are really bad in our life.", a Hindu man shared about his experience in Thae Chaung camp. ... It is reported that Bengali Muslims destroyed many Hindu temples during the riot. According to reliable sources, more than 40 Hindus were beheaded and murdered by the Bengali Muslim terrorists in Sittwe, Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. However, those Hindu victims are not included in the government's official death tolls of the communal riot.]
It seems Muslim organizations have started giving out ultimatums to indigenous BODOs of Assam (who're mostly Hindus and some Christians). While some of the organizations mentioned herein, would like to still maintain a semblance of political correctness, they're not even amongst the more militant Muslim groups like MULTA, which are groups of illegal Muslim settlers, who are asking for sovereign territory on Indian land. Groups like MULTA are actually doing the killing of indigenous Bodos in Assam, India. from [The leading Muslim leaders of southern Assam has taken serious note of an inflammatory appeal and quit notice issued to Bodos living in Barrak Valley by All-Assam Imam Parishad (AAIP) and Muslim Youth Students Association. The AAIP executive body, which came to know about the threat, in an emergency meeting on Sunday expelled its president Abdul Basit who issued the “ultimatum” to the Bodos living in Barak Valley districts to “leave the valley within August 25 or face consequences”.]
Suhail seems to have deep connects to CAIR, MB and Pakistan and according to Sperry's recorded quotes of Suhail, a deep and abiding love for murderous mujahideen; too close to terrorist fronts and terrorists to be allowed in civilized society.