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Sounds like a prime recruiting ground for the Labor party.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2014 on WE ARE HAVING PROBLEMS at Menzies House
Nothing about Catholics?
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2014 on WE ARE HAVING PROBLEMS at Menzies House
The libs have almost twice as many seats in the house of reps. More relevant, which party has the most engineers (tied at zero each I think), tradies (also tied at zero each) or scientists (1/0 to lib, only real scientists are counted). Labor once had a train driver in a senior position, but I don't think that could happen in the party for the workers any more
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2014 on Too many laws, too many lawyers at Menzies House
The drop in education standards coincides with the point at which Labor changed from a "workers" party to an elitist party. The old ALP championed quality education for all so that workers' children might expect a better life than their parents. The new ALP treats schools as conditioning institutions for children, used to overcome the influence of parents and create the next generation of voting zombies
You forgor to prove that any of the temperature rises were due to CO2, and specifically "man made" CO2. You have been lied to, because you are stupid
Absolutely, school physics should not require calculators, but they could be used in homework/assignments. We were allowed calculators for university physics, but generally did not require them. Solving the physics problem to the final algebraic step should be sufficient, arithmetic is not so important in physics. Funny you should mention log tables. Logs (base 10 and natural) have widespread application in physics and engineering, particularly for representing power functions and compressing graph axes. Current school leavers don't have an appreciation for logarithms, they are just a button on the calculator. Sad. Getting rid of calculators might reintroduce some of the ancient graphical methods of solving problems. Maybe not efficient in a commercial setting, but still excellent for exercising a fundamental understanding of the basics.
Take the electronic devices away Absolutely correct. Calculators, computers and tablets have no place in school mathematics or physics. There is no way kids can learn these subjects while they are saddled with these electronic handicaps. I can’t see any benefit in using them in most other subjects either. Arthur – this is not a Catholic thing Pk – arithmetic is not mathematics
I would give the Libs a minor score for the boats, and another for Tim Wilson’s appointment. Otherwise they have been a bitter disappointment. While the economy struggles to produce private sector jobs and small businesses continue to close, “Please love me” Abbott: • Appoints another feminazi as Ambassador for women (WTF is that) • Has left renewable energy targets in place • Has not removed any green or red tape (a one stop shop is not the same as removing stupidity) • Spent today talking about our “drinking culture” No wickets down yet, but they are 0/2 at lunch on the first day.
The water vapour varies a lot on a day to day basis. When it returns to earth as rain it has transferred heat to the atmosphere - a lot, considering the heat capacity and latent heat of water CO2 increases by a steady amount each year, which should result in a continuous steady increase in temperatures if CO2 is the driving force. There is no evidence that increases in CO2 are even caused by humans at all. As the long term trends show CO2 usually follows increases in temperature, the causation may be in the other direction. Or CO2 molucules have a concience.
if I said to you I say a few Latin words over my coco pops and milk of a morning, and it turns it into the body and blood of Elvis, what would you think? I would believe this is what you actually think
Even the muslims are gay now?
I wonder if this is in line with Aldi's actual (paying) customers' beliefs? Our local Aldi attracts mainly older customers, happy to pay cash and buy unbranded foods. They migh have bought some of these shirts for their grandkids, but I am not sure they are on twitter.
Prior to 1788 there was no beer on the continent, therefore Australia did not exist
What will I wear when grilling my Australia day Pork chops on the carbon positive BBQ?
As you are enjoying yourself, here is the presentation from Prof Box of the now famous all over youtube UNSW:,d.aGc Looking for about 150 W/m2? Convection is quite tedious to calculate, but you could get a start here 5 m/s wind (about 10 knots) and 5C temp difference about does it all. Now if only we could find one of those mythical cumulus clouds AGW would be dubunked to about 0.001 C warming. Unless the water vapour condenses to rain, but Prof Flannery said that would never happen
and in a victory for Australian science, Researchers at the university of New South Wales have discovered ice at the Antarctic. Apparently shiploads of it
I am not sure we should be bothered with lowering CO2 at all, or that we even can.
I know what albedo is (BTW, does ice reflect infra red radiation like it does visible light?). The point: the acticle claimed the oceans were being heated by greenhouse gases. At the equator, but not at the poles. Ice and water are made of the same molucules. Water absorbs infra red strongly (except in IPCC land, wher it is ignored in calculating the greenhouse index). In fact, if the CO2 is absorbing all the infra red radiation the equatorial water would be less heated.
Lets follow the logic: melting ice into water changes the arctic from 90% reflection of the sun's rays to a 90% absorber and the ice is melting by currents from the Atlantic and Pacific which have been: warmed by greenhouse gases Clearly the water molucules have a concience, absorbing heat from the air but not from solar radiation at the equator, and than absobing heat from the solar radiation but not greenhouse gases at the poles. How cool is that, water molucules have feelings and know where they are on the earth! Clearly this is also proof that the Catholic church trains peadophiles and gay marriage will save the earth.
Being a welding machine (wire feeder), if that is the electrode connection the voltage would be less than 25V - extra low voltage signed - non electrical person
We all have a choice - seek the truth in the facts or remain ignorant. I take it you have made your choice
No frustration, just recreational use of facts to swat idiots. A bit like my cat pulls the legs off a spider one at a time - not difficult, but amusing anyway. A pity the comments on these "scientists" blogs are so inactive, or I could humiliate them at home. Either there are few actual believers, or leftists are too supid to communicate. Which do you think it is?
Technically, a completely fair system would be a poll tax. All people get the same rights and benefits from society, so they should all pay the same membership fee (that is the same $, not same %) Of course, our system was designed to be unfair
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2014 on Why we need a flat rate of Tax at Menzies House
What exactly does Turnbull know?
Regarding your prophet of ignorance: It’s official, the past 12 months have been the hottest in Australia for more than a hundred years followed by since good records began in 1910 Not bad for someone who apparently studied applied mathematics. I understand you are a little slow, so I will break it down for you. This year is 2014 (it's a Jesus thing). 2014-1910=104. 104 is conventionally regarded as being less than 200. BTW, the rest of his paper is complete bullshit as well. The term "specification bias" is used to describe the errors introduced by mindless curve fitting. He has assumed human activity causes climate change and disregards the possibility of natural influences like solar activity. He then bends the model to suit his assumed data. Clearly academic standards are not what they used to be.