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This stupid s**t is going to cause a war.
The City of New York should peel off a couple of bills for the guy who noticed--and saved countless lives.
The good guys are in green and the bad guys are in red. Your objective is to kill the bad guys.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on Perception vs. Reality at Atlas Shrugs
Thank you, Lord!
It's a blessing to know someone as inspiring as you exists.
Nothing is going to be perfect, and it does demonstrate that the Tea Party is not Republican. Lose a battle, win a war.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Idiotic at Atlas Shrugs
"Reasonable religious accomodation? If McDonald's bows, I've spent my last dime with them. I'm writing to let them know. F these animals.
This is why it's imperative for any anti-Islamist movement to reach out to the Black and Latin population of Christians and set them on board. Blacks and Latinos are being radicalized in jail.
Marvelous! Ultimately, there ought also to be some sort of outreach via Black Christians (I don't know if white Christians could be as effective.) A large potential source of American jihadis are Blacks who have been incarcerated and brainwashed by Islam while in prison. See this sad story form Chicago's headlines today.
I was going to make some crack about 'What Would Vladimir Putin Do?', but I changed my mind. The White House feels like it's empty. We've all been abandoned. I can see where this whole situation is going to get terrifying. It's verging on it now.
Pam: It's horrifying to see the reaction Ed Koch is getting over at HuffPo for his column in defense of Israel.
Vladimir Putin can not be trusted. This was a political crime, not an accident.
They can take all the property and kill all the whites, and it will not make them one bit happier. They'll still be victimized by crooked politicians.
I believe I just got a tingle up my leg.
Disarming us is precisiely what he said he'd do before the election. It's on a video.
No likee at all. Personally, I would have something that looked like the American flag being eaten away at one corner by something green with dripping blood along the edges--like a flesh-eating virus on the body politic.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on SIOA Art! at Atlas Shrugs
Hey, Korn: Makin' your own meth again, huh?
The picture they should show is the one with her and her conspirator's severed heads that the Russian Police made available to the press. Truth in advertising.
The truly sad thing about this is the degree to which otherwiew harmless Americans are taken in by the Left's propaganda. They lack critical thinking skills.
God bless you, Pamela. You're a blessed human being.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Wishing all a Sweet Pesach at Atlas Shrugs
George Bush is looking classier every day. You don't know what ya got 'til it's gone...
ripralph: Your know where you can stick it, I assume?
I hate to say this, but "Yippee." Proof positive that this bastard is actively anti-semitic and anti-Israel. Now, perhaps, the message will be unequivocally clear even to the densest Jew who has been supporting this criminal. Wake up! He hates you! Devote every breathing moment to his downfall. It can't come too soon. On the other hand, I am mortified. (I'd say 'for my country', but it was ripped away from me this Monday.) In a million years I would never have believed that my countrymen would have fallen for the lies of a radical demagogue and criminal. Our descent into barbarity has been swift.