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Humor is an important way to lighten up daily life. According to Jim Poyser of NUVO Newsweekly, adding irony, sarcasam, or absurdity to news articles can make them easier for a reader to absorb. Poyser explained that it is very necessary to be cautious while adding humor in your articles, as it can create a problem if interpreted in a wrong way. Here are some links to some videos of successful use of humor in environmental reporting, provided by members of this workshop: Green Starts with the Green Man The ApocaDocs BP spills coffee Continue reading
From a Simple Oil Spill to Major Hypoxia Problem Gulf of Oil Spill has been the most debatable and controversial issue among journalists, reporters, writers and scientists. The discussion panel during the network lunch discussed several aspects of the Gulf Oil Spill addressing several controversial and important issues ranging from... Continue reading
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Exhibitor - Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting via Continue reading
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