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Fru Ndi May have outlived his times but what next? Resignation is not the option. Can the said Human right organisation challenge Fri Ndi in a fair election within the SDF? We love to read but lets read sense and not nonesense. Someone needs to defeat Fru Ndi as chairman of the party in a fair election. Fru Ndi is head of the SDF democratically unlike the case with CPDM. So, you need to shut up if you cannot beat Fru Ndi in an Election within the SDF.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2009 on Fru Ndi Told To Resign at Up Station Mountain Club
The CPDM has openly destroyed the Fon,s Union. I needed to hear from Akam before I draw my conclusions because although he might have some problems of integrity, he is learned. The problems with our Fons is poverty. Because they are poor, they will sell integrity to buy public disgrace. I am sorry to say that, NOWEFU is an abormination to the people of North West Region and from this date, The people of North West Region should turn their backs from these shameless idiots. May they receive justice from their secret shrines because their actions have brought curse on the region.
The Mayor should be put in Prison at Nkambe immediately. He is a corrupt idiot.
I have one question for one particular Fon from my area, Fon Dr. Akam, Former Lecturer of the University of Buea. Fon Dr. Akam, were you part of this decission to appoint a CPDM orientated Ntumfors? Were you also part of naming a woman to the post of Ntumfor? Please, the post should help me convey this questions to Fon Dr. Akam for answers. I think he is one of the secretary. Thanks
Abangma (The old man from Bache village) is very stupid to have made such comments regarding providing transcripts to students. Those students paid for the transcripts and they have to be given a priority of service. In this computer age, why does the process of issuing transcripts take so long? Either the University has recruited incompetent staff or the whole system is corrupt. The person charge with destributing transcripts may actually want students to bribe him in order to get their transcripts. This is a warning to that service else we will go after them until they sit up. The University can actually get more funds by processing transcripts and attestations faster. It is also a right for those who pay their money to get the best of services and not one old drone telling people that the workers have something else to do. Then why not recruit someone else to handling what students have paid for?
We must fight against this manipulations. I am ready to stand with those who are ready.
Radical brother, This forum is a place where intellectuals share view points and substantiate their claims with facts. In so far as I am not a supporter of John Fru Ndi, your write-up is synonymous to claims made by Biya’s cohorts like Marafa and dubious Divisional Officers and policemen. An Obama-Type victory will never happen in the present day Cameroon irrespectively of how truthful the candidate is. Its time you and your cohorts shut-up or rethink before posting anything on this site!!!!
Grandotis &Co, Thanks for your postings. ScienceDirect is made up of so many scientific articles but I gave an article in my first posting and the reference. You can download the full article in ScienceDirect and get the facts. It’s not wise to try an argument when you lack the facts. In addition, I did not say HIV is a microorganism. I was quoting the report of the Centre of Disease Control (CDC). Secondly, you have been echoing on this forum that there is no relationship between HIV infection and immune suppression. Well, there are millions of scientific articles that have demonstrated that HIV actually induces apoptosis of T4 Cells. Take a look at these abstracts. I could not post the entire articles because it is not allowed. Please shelf your ridiculous argument. Thanks First article: HIV-1 GP120-mediated immune suppression and lymphocyte destruction in the absence of viral infection KJ Weinhold, HK Lyerly, SD Stanley, AA Austin, TJ Matthews and DP Bolognesi The Journal of Immunology, Vol 142, Issue 9 3091-3097, Copyright © 1989 by American Association of Immunologists The magnitude of immunologic defects observed in HIV-1-infected individuals before the development of overt AIDS is disproportionately high in comparison to the levels of infectious virus in these patients-- suggesting that factors other than direct virus-induced cytopathology may be involved. With this in mind, we investigated the immunologic consequences of the interaction between purified HIV-1 gp120 and the CD4 molecules expressed by uncommitted as well as Ag-specific lymphocytes. HIV-1 gp120 exhibited a dose-dependent immunosuppressive effect on: 1) Ag-driven proliferation of cloned CD4+ lymphocytes, 2) OKT3-driven proliferation of cloned CD4+ lymphocytes, and 3) cytolytic activity of CD4+, EBV-specific CTL. Thus, HIV-1 gp120 can, in a manner similar to OKT4A antibodies, suppress T cell activation and the expression of cytolytic activities through its interaction with CD4. Additionally, activated CD4+ lymphoblasts can be rendered susceptible to immune cytolysis by virtue of their binding of purified gp120. This "targeting" of activated lymphoblasts can occur with levels of gp120 far below that which is needed to saturate all OKT4A-defined CD4 epitopes. Adsorbed gp120 could be demonstrated on the surface of these cells for up to 12 h, a sufficient time for interaction with host cytolytic elements. The data from these in vitro modeling experiments highlight one of many potential mechanisms of HIV-1 induced immunosuppression and lymphocyte destruction that can occur in the absence of infectious virus and that is based on the unique interaction between HIV-1 gp120 and its cellular receptor, CD4. Second Article: C. Cicala, J. Arthos, A. Rubbert, S. Selig, K. Wildt, O. J. Cohen, and A. S. Fauci HIV-1 envelope induces activation of caspase-3 and cleavage of focal adhesion kinase in primary human CD4+ T cells PNAS, February 1, 2000; 97(3): 1178 - 1183. Abstract Binding of HIV type 1 (HIV-1) envelope glycoproteins to the surface of a CD4+ T cell transduces intracellular signals through the primary envelope receptor, CD4, and a coreceptor, either CCR5 or CXCR4. Furthermore, envelope–CD4+ cell interactions increase rates of apoptosis in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). We demonstrate that in primary T lymphocytes, recombinant HIV-1 envelope proteins induce the activation of caspase-3 and caspase-6, which belong to a family of cysteine proteases that, upon activation, promote programmed cell death. Envelope-mediated activation of caspase-3 and caspase-6 depended on envelope–CD4 receptor interactions; CCR5-utilizing as well as CXCR4-utilizing envelopes elicited this response. Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) is a substrate of both caspase-3 and caspase-6, and inactivation of FAK by these caspases promotes apoptosis. Envelope treatment of lymphocytes led to the cleavage of FAK in a manner consistent with caspase-mediated cleavage.
Grandotis and Eyallow, Please try to read the entire article before you jump into conclusions and no one is telling you how live your sex life. You can use these condoms as you like. But this study shows that the condoms sent to Africa, China etc are the unsafe category. The CDC had put forward a statement 2 yrs before this study which say: "A commonly held misperception is that latex condoms contain "holes" that allow passage of HIV. Although this may be true for natural membrane condoms, laboratory studies show that intact latex condoms provide a continuous barrier to microorganisms, including HIV, as well as sperm". NB: 1) The phrase "although this may be true for natural membrane condoms" is very important in that statement. What are natural membrane condoms? These are condoms that have been design to make sex partners have more pleasure during sex but reducing the chances of pregnancy but not HIV or STIs. 2) Intact latex condoms are the safe condoms I mentioned in my first posting which was obviously demonstrated in the study quoted earlier. 3) The condoms mostly sold in the countries the study was conducted were the unsafe type. Do people have a legitimate right to know about this? I think yes. Can we forcefully stop them from using them? No, I don’t think. We can do more work in protecting our population by making our own safe latex condoms but in the main time, we most edge people not to rely deeply on these condoms. Lastly, I think the chief is not a scientist but he is reporting on what he has read in the simplest form so that all can understand. Thank you
Thanks for your comments. Please go to Sciencedirect and read the entire article. The abstract alone is not sufficient to get the real picture. Also read related articles. Thanks
Chief A.S. Ngwana, Thank you for your article. When I read through it and read the comments posted by those who had reacted so far, I was astonished and disappointed with their views. You have raised a legitimate concern about condoms and HIV transmission. First let me point out that when someone is infected with HIV, he or she is sensitive to almost all common illnesses. As a scientist with long working years of experience, I will wish to point out the following clarifications 1) HIV cannot pass through a safe condom 2) HIV can pass through an unsafe condom and other unsafe sex accessories. The billion Franc question now is to know what is meant by safe and unsafe condoms. A scientific publication by Ditmore and Neth (see reference below) has pointed that “In some places – including Cambodia, China, and Africa etc… – condoms have been modified and are dangerous to the receptive partner, causing injury to the vagina and anus. Such injuries contribute to the transmission of disease, so these condoms are not useful for prevention of STIs or HIV” This study showed that HIV and STIs increase amongst people using unsafe condoms probably because the modifications allowed easy passage of HIV and other microscopic particles. The next Billion Franc question now is 1) Can a common man know which condom is safe or unsafe especially in our society where people can use money to put their products in the market? No. 2) How far are we sure that most of the condoms sent to us are not designed to be unsafe so as to reduce our labor force and make us under-developed for ever? We need to think well especially with the present study showing that the condoms in our market are the unsafe types. The Vatican has come out strongly against the use of condoms because it has observed these discrepancies in the quality of condoms and deems it as a strategy by the developed nations to get rid of poorer nations and stalled their development. As a scientist, I will tell people in Africa, China, and other less developed countries to resist condoms and rely on abstinence and fidelity. Else, go for an HIV test every three months after having sex with someone you don’t trust with a condom. Reference M . Ditmore , C . Neth (2006). Unsafe Condoms and Other Unsafe Sex Accessories. Reproductive Health Matters, Volume 14, Issue 28, Pages 171 - 173
Dear Eyengue So you have not changed. I use to imagine that you were some kind of grown up but it seems it’s not the case as you rant on someone who speaks the truth to shut-up. The theory that the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to fit well with you. Can you provide evidence that Parliamentary grants given to SDF MPs were used for campaign? The comment made by Dr. Tamanjong are verifiable because Odong Ndong, made the revelations to the Mfoundi High Court before his imprisonment, that most of the money he embezzled was used to finance the 2004 presidential campaign, the Chantal Biya Foundation etc… Recently Abah Abah asked for Biya to release him or he will expose him (Biya). This sends a signal that only brilliant people can pick. Why are you so addicted to lies and repulsive to truth Mr. Eyengue? Change my dear friend.
With the type of people I find as executive officers and Patrons of NOWEDO, I will only say this NOWEDO is doomed to fail. People like Ignatius Dingha, CPDM MP from Balikumbat and Patrons like John Begheni Ndeh can be very polarizing. We all know what this people have used the CPDM to do to our various communities and the country on a whole. Before being a Patron of this new organization, what has Ndeh done with all the money he collected under NOWEDEP? We need a grass root movement that will champion the course of Anglophones in general. Any organization with pro-CPDM person within its ranks smells to all right thinking Anglophones.
Can the SCNC, SCAPO etc give us concrete plans to liberate Ambazonia from this mess. We mean concrete plans not forming governments in exile nor looking for a name for our territory. We will be visiting the SCNC site for details. Since La Republique has change the music, the dancers and dancing style will also change
HE WHO STEALS FROM A SICK OR DYING MAN IS CURSED In most of our traditions, what is destines for the sick or dying is treated with much care, respect and there is a strict accountability for his asserts. In circumstances when such a person dies, what was meant for him is brought out and placed for all to see and the family will decide on its utilisation based on the dead persons will if any. For Olanguena Awono and his collaborators to have embezzled the AIDS/Malaria/Tuberculosis fund is stealing from a sick or dying man. This is a curse and any other person involves in this act, arrested or not, known or not is also cursed. According to most of our traditions, such a curse is only relieved when what was stolen is given back to whosoever it was stolen from. If the person is dead, it should be given to his wife or children or close relatives clearly stating the motives behind. All those who have dipped their hands in the AIDS/Malaria/Tuberculosis fund should pay this money back into the fund to be free from this curse. Have we asked ourselves why we spend much money on our children and they don’t progress as compared to those children from poor homes? It might be because our money is carrying a curse with it. Well, “I don talk ma own, na ma work”
THE ABAH ABAHS OF OUR VILLAGE ASSOCIATIONS Abah Abah is accused of directing VAT to his private account at CBC bank. This is not only wicked but devilish. How can the poor contribute their money and give you to help in developing them but you decide to use it for your personal effects. What Abah Abah did is also common in most of our local Development Associations common in the North and South west provinces. The executives of most of these Associations with the help of the treasurers swindle the money of the poor “buyam sellam”, Taxi Men, wine Tapers etc... leaving them at the mercy of poverty. Most of these associations come up with very nice and ambitious programmes to develop their localities; is it constructing a bridge, opening up roads or electrifying the village? When the fund is donated wilfully,or collected forcefully from the indigenes of the said locality, most of this money ends up in the pockets of the executives. Year in year out, executives change and the same scenario repeats while the village dies out in poverty and underdevelopment. Abah Abah has fallen but soon, those treasurers in our village associations need to give a true account of what they have done with the funds they deduct from our yearly savings or that which is wilfully donated for the development of our respective villages.
Mr. Mukete, When one reads your narration here, one is tempted to think that you are writing to people who are not Cameroonians probably Rwandans or some other far country. Was this narration meant for Cameroonians? I ask this question because a Sunday school child understands the events in Cameroon better than what you have narrated. One more thing, He who refuses to wish others peace is definitely at war. If you refuse to wish Mr. Fru Ndi Happy Easter, then God alone knows what a man you are.
Peterkin, Please I hope Biya and his stupid minister understand. I laughing out my lungs.
Dear Editors of the Post Magazine, Congratulations. Your title page was very captivating. Keep up.
Hey Guys, Etta is afraid to loss his life. His last statement however gives the real picture on the field. Etta, donot fear he that can only destroy the body and not the soul but fear he that can destroy both body and soul. Thanks
Mr. Eyengue, Do you know how many young people are in the political parties you just mentioned? The problem with Cameroonian politics is not the age of the politicians but the values which they cherish. The ills you just mentioned are closely tied with the CPDM regime and its allies. SDF and CDU have demonstrated some values which Cameroonians cherish except that the leader of the CDU betrayed Cameroonians at a time when the opposition was expected to come up with a single candidate in the 2004 presidential elections. Political leaders do make mistakes and when such leaders acknowledge their mistakes, the population will be willing to give them another chance.
In addition Mr. Eyengue, I am not also a native speaker of the English language and will never claim to master it. What I master is my dialect, Hausa.
Generally, the society and those you interact with either make you a corrupt or a decent man. The SDF has been able to investigate and punish corrupt individuals found guilty of these crimes. In addition, during the nomination of candidates for elective offices, the SDF has allowed the population to freely sanction by way of vote those that or corrupt. These actions with the SDF make those who have the desire to be corrupt to shun it. The rumours on Hon. Awudu are being investigated both by the party and the population, and if found guilty, he will receive the same treatment. The CPDM lead by Paul Biya only sanction party members who manifest the desire to lead the party, or to become Head of State, or criticize the activities of the party, or those who implicate Paul Biya or his family in corruption scandals. I will not give examples because they are many and all Cameroonians know them. Furthermore, the population is not allowed to freely sanction corrupt individuals by way of vote. This was glaring during the last reorganization exercise of the basic organs of the CPDM party. It has been more glaring in past elections and especially during the last twin elections when the peoples’ wish to change the present corrupt and useless regime of Paul Biya was manipulated by MINATD. So Mr. Eyengue, your theory that SDF = CPDM is a scientific lie. Please try to change for the better.
Eyengue, It goes thus “nonentities” and not “nonetities” and “cleaning your running nose” not “cleaning the your running nose” was it typo? When you will realise that you don’t master the English language, then you will understand others better. When you will change from being a liar to someone who stands for the truth and promotes the truth, then I will know what to tell you. For the moment, many of us consider you a liar and your claims to have struggled to change that which at the moment you are struggling to kill are all lies.
Mr. Ftroit, You have a right to vote whosoever you want but I am afriad the constitution we are talking about doesnot allow a Cameroonian to rule for more than 14 years. Please go and read and re-read that constitution well before continuing to expose your stupidity in public. Ask for Eyengue, he has nothing to say than attacking people who stand for justice and equality for all Cameroonians. What does a liar like Eyengue need other than people who stand on falsehood like Paul Biya. Thanks