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Aida Correa
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Dec 2, 2011
JoAnne, I don't know you, but I rejoice with those that do that you are making such progress in your recovery! I found your blog after the tragic events, but I have enjoyed your past posts and been blessed by the outpouring of love I see here from your family and friends. We serve an awesome God and there is nothing impossible for Him...I know- I've seen it for myself...I almost lost my Dad twice and they told us he wouldn't leave the hospital without a breathing tube and/or a wheelchair , but I tell you the devil is a liar... he left without both and that from being on the brink of death. I believe if God can do it twice for him he can surely do it for's been two years and my dad is doing well -- God is so good! I pray your strength, and full Recovery with no pain--in Jesus name --Amen! I love you my sister in Christ..even if I don't know you...and I have faith with you! Be blessed Aida
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Dec 18, 2009