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Wanted to post here for quite while, but time.... I learnded at lot about personal networking and twitter use from you at this conference. That helps me to understand #occupyWallstreet better. Of course this still young movement can only succeed, if they getting more real and involved. And that's the point, where an international educational movement is important: Of course technology can also useful in times of budget-cuts in education, but I think, the educators should not accept, that money is cut for helping the London Stock market! We as educators need to network (also internationally) to help our kids and students. For this we need money, money a Tobin Tax on speculation would bring us. In the moment the US and UK government is blocking Tobin Tax, while the German and French Gov. want the Tobin Tax for fighting the debt in the Euro-zone. Maybe the US-Gov. will change there position on this if #occupyWallstreet will go on. How is the situation in UK? Greetings from Japan Alexander
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Oct 5, 2011